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Nike’s 1 of 1 Lunar Vapor Trout “MVP” Edition PLUS Great NIKEiD News

Mike Trout Nike California Golden Trout MVP Lunar Vapor Cleats

You may have heard, Mike Trout got his first MVP award today, a unanimous vote and about as shocking as the sun rising in the East.  He’s the best player in baseball for the foreseeable future.

To celebrate Mike Trout‘s (profile) historic season in which he won both the All Star MVP and regular season MVP, Nike created a 1 of 1 cleat for Trout which you can see above and below:

The box they came in with Trout's first LVT's and his All Star version included.

The box they came in with Trout’s first LVT’s and his All Star version included.

You can’t get the gold ones, those are MVP exclusives, but you can shop the rest of the Lunar Vapor Trout collection here.2 Mike Trout Nike California Golden Trout MVP Lunar Vapor Cleats

3 Mike Trout Nike California Golden Trout MVP Lunar Vapor Cleats

I’m gonna guess that Trout won’t be wearing these on the field.  The baseball gear equivalent of killing a unicorn.  What about you?  If you got these 1 of 1s, would you wear them?


IN RELATED NEWS, likely even more exciting to you is that the LUNAR VAPOR TROUT WILL BE AVAILABLE ON NIKEID.COM STARTING ON DECEMBER 15TH.  Something tells me a few Christmas lists just got a little longer.

(Editor’s Note: Thanks to the people who commented giving the heads up that these wouldn’t be available until next month.  That’s my bad getting excited and reading too fast.)


  1. Actually Nike Id’s are available on Dec 15 according to Nike

  2. Mike, the Lunar Vapor Trout ID hasn’t come out yet.

  3. How come they haven’t posted the Lunar Vapor Trout Yet?

    1. Same what I was wondering, I just talked to someone on Nike and they said they couldn’t find anything about it.

  4. Guys, the Nike Lunar Vapor Trout cleats aren’t going to be available until DECEMBER 15, 2014, according to Nike Baseball’s twitter. Just giving you the heads up! 🙂

  5. I just saw something on Nike Baseball’s twitter account and it said it will be available on December 15th on NikeID

  6. another month until the trout goes on NikeiD

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