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Players Weekend Custom Bat Roundup

2017-08-25 22.31.58

The Players Weekend.  The inaugural opportunity (aside from All-Star festivities) for guys to step outside of the MLB standards box and get creative with their equipment and man have they ever! I’ve been looking forward to this weekend ever since it was announced and so far I’ve been pumped with what the players and bat companies have come up with.  Here’s a look at some of the custom bats that have been shown off.


Marucci went really strong into team colors while mixing and matching their label / lettering combinations.

2017-08-25 22.32.58

Cardinals2017-08-25 22.33.51

Diamondbacks2017-08-25 22.34.04

Royals2017-08-25 22.33.59

Cubs2017-08-25 22.33.56

Dodgers2017-08-25 22.34.082017-08-25 22.29.39


Rawlings had a big focus on showing the country that each player represents by using different flags, area codes and color combinations.  Not everyone decided to go in that direction though. Nick Markakis is sporting a custom camo pattern while Eric Hosmer pays tribute to his dad with multiple firefighter references.

2017-08-25 22.29.59 2017-08-25 22.29.56 2017-08-25 22.29.52 2017-08-25 22.29.47 2017-08-25 22.29.21 2017-08-25 22.31.47 2017-08-25 22.30.27 2017-08-25 22.30.16


These guys made a huge splash during the MLB All-Star break showing off some sick customs for the Kraken, Gary Sanchez.  For the Players Weekend, they are sending a strong message by innovating and releasing some of the coolest customs we have seen this year.

2017-08-27 14.29.48

Cleveland Indians
2017-08-25 22.29.07 2017-08-25 22.30.462017-08-25 22.33.362017-08-25 22.34.13

Oh my.

2017-08-26 09.46.33

Mookie’s #WinDanceRepeat Axe custom
2017-08-25 22.31.58

I have no idea if this is suppose to be snake skin or not, but it’s unreal either way.2017-08-25 20.26.43

Louisville Slugger

Louisville has focused on team colors using different shades and color fade to provide a little pop.

2017-08-25 22.29.26Rockies_DJ LeMahieu (6)

24KReds_Zack Cozart_Billy Hamilton (5) Marlins_Yeli (1) Ender Inciarte_Braves (5)

Sam Bat

For the most part these guys went all in on repping the different countries of their hitters and they turned out pretty great.

2017-08-25 22.35.09

2017-08-25 22.32.53 2017-08-25 22.32.49 2017-08-25 22.32.45 2017-08-25 22.32.42 2017-08-25 22.32.39


It started with the Aaron Judge custom for the Home Run Derby and they haven’t stopped creating their hand painted masterpieces.

Kike had this beauty, but unfortunately MLB denied him from using it in a game.  The custom artwork was done by the rising 16 year old custom sneaker artist @wescustomkicks on Instagram.

2017-08-25 22.34.36

Bryce Harper’s custom tie die job to match his Harper 2’s

2017-08-26 11.58.54

Here’s one of the Judge bat just because it’s worth it.



B45 put faces on bats??? You heard right and they are awesome.

image5 image4 image3 (1) image2 (1) image1 image6

Old Hickory

Old Hick went with the same custom for most of their guys this year.  Chuck Nasty showed off his American pride during the All-Star Break and it has moved right into the Players Weekend with the good ole red, white and blue.


2017-08-26 08.34.302017-08-25 22.31.52


They channeled their inner warrior roots into these hand painted customs for their guys.

2017-08-25 22.21.39 2017-08-25 22.21.31 2017-08-25 22.21.42

Dove Tail Bats

They helped Hosmer cook up another tribute to his dad, firefighters and Yordano Ventura.

2017-08-25 22.33.32


This is the only major custom that I’ve seen from these guys.  Full on camo for Tyler Flowers.

2017-08-25 22.32.29


Even though he’s injured, that hasn’t stopped Bryce from posting some amazing bats from his major bat companies.

2017-08-26 10.43.02


With so many amazing bats floating around out there I’m sure I missed some good ones.  Hit me up on Instagram @thebatscout and let me know which one is your favorite or if you find one that deserves to be on here!

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