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Show It Off: University of Texas 2017



Rarely do we see a team that is so HOOKED up that they get both Rawlings and Wilson to be outfitters, and that’s what we see every year from the University of Texas… a cornucopia of baseball swag. Those Trout 3 turfs that say “HOOK EM” on the insole… Absolute flames. I’d take 500 swings and 10,000 groundballs in those things during BP just to show them off. You also have to respect the old school look. It suits the storied program well.

IMG_0276 IMG_0274 IMG_0279

And if you had a clubhouse like this, who needs a dorm room?




Let’s just take a moment to also recognize how sick the UT lids are. Love that colorway. As an outfielder, this glove is prime. Absolutely LOVE the logo on the thumb.

Rawlings’ custom leather with the U of Texas inspired colorways are absolute fire. You can’t beat having your school’s logo embroidered into your glove.

Rawlings links: (All closest alternatives)

2 Piece Web Pitcher’s glove

Single Post Trapeze Web Pitcher/Infield Glove

Heart of the Hide First Baseman’s Mitt

12 Inch Basket Web Pitcher/Infield Glove

Heart of the Hide Pro H-Web 12.75 Inch Outfield Glove


IMG_0265 IMG_0260IMG_0269

Nothing against Rawlings, but personally I have been partial to Wilson leather for two reasons. First off, Wilson gloves all come with dual-welting on the fingers, which keeps the glove from getting flimsy and extending its usable life. The second reason is what is on the inside of the glove that the top of your hand rests on. Rawlings are well-known for having the horse hair/fur, which is great for playing in colder weather. But in the summer, your hand will sweat, making the fur crusty, a bad feel when you put the glove on.

Wilson on the other hand has sweat-wicking material that doesn’t get crusty or cause your glove to smell bad after playing a game in 90 plus degree weather.

Side-note: love that embroidered HMU on the infield glove. To all of our female readers out there, you have the man’s twitter handle, slide on in.

Wilson links:

A2K 1799 Outfield glove

A2000 1789 Pitcher’s glove

A2K 1786 Infield glove




When you’ve got Wilson and Rawlings, why not sprinkle in a little Marucci?

Shop Marucci Founders’ Series gloves here.


IMG_0101 IMG_0147

Okay that’s enough.  Too much heat.  A close friend of mine actually trains in the Nike Train Speed 4’s (right) and when asked he gave an A plus review of them. They are meant for explosive movements, so they lock your foot in place well and are also very light.


The white Nike catcher’s gear matches great with the white spikes.



The home cleats have a great look with the white and orange. Something about wearing white spikes ALWAYS makes you look faster. If it were up to me they would take the Oakland A’s route and wear whites at home and on the road. IMG_4470

Words cannot describe the love I have for these.  Nike does an incredible job with the Trout turfs—Hook ‘Em customs are no exception.


Some of the freshest BGs out in one of the best colorways.  Dirty.

Nike Links:

Nike Train Speed 4

Nike Alpha Air Huarache 2K Filth Low 

Nike Force Zoom 3 Trout Turf

Nike Diamond Elite Pro Batting Gloves


Paul Pryor Bags


Pro Helmet Decals


Hook ’em.  Thanks to @utbaseballeq on Twitter (and Instagram) for all the awesome photography.  Follow them for an inside look at the gear of UT baseball.

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