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(This is a sponsored post written and paid for by Varo Baseball.)

Last year, Varo Baseball took over MLB on-deck circles with their revolutionary bat weight, the Varo ARC. The ARC became a staple in the World Series (you won’t see the Royals or Giants without Varo). Now, Varo has just launched its second premium bat weight, the Varo COR.

On-deck, BP warm-up, off-field conditioning swings – Varo covers it all. With Varo’s full line of ARC and COR weights there is a perfect feel for each player, whether it’s the ARC with patented ‘barrel feel’ or the COR with revolutionized ‘traditional feel.’ These are the best of the best, and truly designed alongside professional players and coaches to bring unparalleled performance and quality.


From Rookie of the Year frontrunner, Francisco Lindor, to MLB’s #1 Prospect Byron Buxton making his MLB debut, to veteran MLB sluggers, to the College World Series in Omaha, to team USA Baseball… Varo Baseball gets the best players on the planet ready to hit. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. Varo reinvented the bat weight, making the world’s best bat weights – and, just like the pros and elite players worldwide, you can have your very own.

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Buxton making his MLB debut swinging Varo.


Morales with a monster one-game career high of 15 total bases (3 HRs and 1 Triple) and becoming the AL Central Champs in the same week swinging Varo.

If you swing Varo, you’ll quickly experience the difference. Kansas City’s 4-time All-Star, Alex Gordon, sums it up “My swing maintains a more natural feel while using a Varo ARC … I feel more prepared for a major league at bat with the Varo ARC, and I encourage other hitters to feel the difference.”

Vandy was the 2014 NCAA Champs and 2015 Runner-Up, and they’re all-Varo. Vandy’s hitting instructor puts it nicely:

“Our players absolutely love the Varo bat weights…Varo has replaced all our other bat weights in the cages and on-deck.”


The Varo ARC and Varo COR offer two distinct feels.  In fact, many players use both the ARC and COR (for example, the ARC before BP and the COR on-deck, and vice versa). What feel do the ARC and COR provide, and what’s best for you?

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The ARC is Varo’s revolutionary bat weight, with patented weight distribution technology to provide ‘barrel feel’ through the zone (unlike any other weight on the market). The ARC is perfect for developing a swing with an inside path to the baseball.

The COR is Varo’s reinvention of the traditional weight sleeve — for the player that likes traditional weight balance, but with all of Varo’s proprietary technology. For example, Varo’s True-Fit technology catches the COR early on the bat’s taper so it won’t ring your bat’s sweet spot (so many of the traditional weights ring and damage the sweet spot).


East, West, Central…Varo is the gold standard in bat weights and for that perfect practice swing.

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Why are the ARC and COR so much better? Here’s a great video on each product and the “Varo Feel”:

We’ve also included a product spec sheet for the ARC and COR at the bottom of this post (some really interesting information).

The best part about Varo’s premium bat weights, is that they are designed for all players – from Youth to Pro to Softball to Fastpitch. All Varo products honor America’s great game of baseball, and are designed and manufactured in the USA. Also, Varo’s committed to providing you the best experience…and they stand behind that.

Take a Varo swing for yourself, and feel the difference today. If you don’t love Varo, there’s a no-questions-asked 30 day free return policy for orders through their website. You can also find Varo in hundreds of select retailers (retail locater on their website).

So grab your Varo ARC and COR today and get 10% off your purchase at www.varobaseball.com with discount code “WhatProsWear” (Expires October 15, 2015).

Join the family and follow Varo Baseball (@VaroBaseball on Instagram and Twitter) and like them on Facebook.

Here’s some detailed product specs:

Blog Pic 9 - Varo ARC Product Details Blog Pic 10 - Varo COR Product Details

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