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Stars and Stripes Caps, Mike Trout’s Nike Glove

Here’s a look at the New Era Fourth of July Stars and Stripes hats to be worn for Independence Day.

The Reds, Phillies and Tigers will look great because it fits so naturally with their unis.  As nice as the Astros looks, its the opposite situation—they won’t match up with the uniforms at all.  Same with the Pirates, the Marlins and probably a few others.  Ultimately though, its not about that.  Its about how good they’ll look on your head, and that’s a completely different story.  I think they’re an upgrade from the camo hats, and they’ll look good with jeans.  In stock later this month.

Interesting note: On New Era’s Facebook page, they were missing ONE team.  The controversial Indians, which you can see via Uni-Watch below:


MLB still hasn’t figured out that this isn’t OK, I guess.  I’m usually of the opinion that people need to stop being so sensitive about political correctness, but this one just doesn’t seem right.


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  1. B for baseball? 😛 probably something cooler than that…

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