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The 20 Prettiest Gloves in Baseball History


“Pretty” is the operative word here.  We chose the most vibrantly-colored gloves we could find.  No solid blacks, tans or other Earth-tones allowed.  And I’ll get this out of the way immediately.  No, I did not include Brandon Phillips, mainly because there were no good pictures, but his red/gold belongs here as well.  Do you have a glove in mind other than his that didn’t make this list?  Hit us up on Twitter and let us know.  Skip Bayless’ career will tell you that pointless debate is good and we’ll retweet the best gloves.


C.J. Wilson’s Wilson A2000LECJWRD


Jaime Garcia’s Exclusive TPX Hybrid (Mesh) Glove


Mitch Williams’ Wilson A2002-L Dual Hinge (Available! But not in red.)


Manny Ramirez’ Akadema AMA136


Aroldis Chapman’s Nike Diamond Elite Exclusive (that’s as close to a pink glove as it gets)


Wei-Yin Chen’s Nike Exclusive


Carlos Beltran’s Wilson A2K 1799

Colors available on WilsonCustomGloves.com, check Beltran’s Player Profile

*Very similar colorway available non-custom


Pablo Sandoval’s SSK SMP1152 (Available, but not in this colorway)


Adam Jones’ Rawlings Pro Preferred PROAJ10-JON (yeah we know it’s not that colorful but it has orange and looks tight)


Yoenis Cespedes’ Custom SX3 Glove (You can create this on their website)


Ben Grieve’s Rawlings ProG125-4P (discontinued)


Randy Johnson’s Exclusive Rawlings BU51 (Big Unit 51)

Closest Alternative is Jeter’s PRODJ2


Another Manny Akadema AMA136, this time in light blue when he played for the Dodgers.  Unlike the red one, this is not available.


Johnny Cueto’s blue-grey Nike Exclusive


Greg Maddux’s Wilson A2000 Dual Hinge (similar to Mitch Williams’ above)


Hanley Ramirez’ Custom Wilson A2000 1787 (Available but not in Hanley’s colorway)


Jose Reyes’ Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRONP5 (available, not in this colorway)



Sammy Sosa’s exclusive Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROSS21


Pedro Martinez’ exclusive Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO200-4JNSO

Heart of the Hide PRO-200 models with Pedro’s Modified Trap-Eze available.


Jose Bautista’s Wilson A2000 KP92 (can be made through Wilson’s Custom Builder)

Non-custom versions also available in several colors.


I looked hard for a purple glove and found some possible info.  Supposedly Jason Jennings wore one in 2006 for the Rockies.  Anybody have pictures?  Hit us up!


  1. How about Brian Wilson’s orange Wilson?

  2. The AMA 136 was replaced with the ARZ 136 which is a Royal/Gray glove to represent his Dodgers time. He had a Green and Yellow one for the A’s too.

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  4. Aki Iwamura’s alligator glove!

  5. Brandon Phillips?

    1. If you read the post you’d see why I didn’t include it.

      1. is there a place where you can customize jose reyes glove exactly like his in the picture?

  6. Can you customize Nike gloves? Or is that only for the pros?

    1. The pros hv it good

  7. A Cabrera from the Indians I think its grey with red and blue lace pretty sick

  8. Edwin encarnacion has a nice one

  9. does munenori kawasaki use a glove made by asics

  10. Henderson Alvarez’s glove he wore today (Aug. 6, 2013).. Its sick!

  11. Sucks that not only do the pros get these special colorways but they also get special leather unavailable to the public. Ex, A2000 or A2K leather in the pros is higher grade than the market gloves

  12. Sorry but I think,the prettiest glove Is the Wilson a2000 1787ss Ord(ray Ordonez ) Mets model from 1999ish AND it was available to purchase because I had one before they stole it 7years later

  13. although it did have some black similiar to hanleys i would say roberto alomars ssk glove he used blue and black

  14. How bout cargo’s new glove you posted lately and did anybody see Giancarlo Stanton’s spring training mitt

  15. Wow. I NEED that green Ben Grieve glove. Awesome.

  16. Pedro’s Red with the black sweatband he wore in 2004. prettiest glove I’ve seen. He actually brought it back for spring training this year

  17. Rickie Weeks’ Wilson A2000. Only glove with an A-web. It’s not actually black or navy blue. I have one and the web’s yellow, with a greenish-blue main colour. Dopee

  18. I think you’re missing the SSK Robby Alomar on your list. The one he got half of his gold gloves with!

  19. Anyone heard if Juan lagares? His glove is soo sweet it’s actually te glove of the month august and I’m gonna cop it!!

  20. Nick Swisher’s home first base mitt is slick. Also, Garder and Tanaka have some sweet mocha Mizunos. And Koji’s custom Nike glove is gorgeous.

  21. Jimmy Rollins when he still used Nike

  22. How can there be a ‘best of’ list of gloves that does not include a VEKOA custom?? Those are by far the highest quality gloves…by far.

  23. My favorite is Jose Bautista’s Wilson

  24. Koji’s glove with the outline of him on the webbing

  25. I just googled brandon philips glove and 10000000000000 pics came up

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