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The Bats of the Home Run Derby and the Low Key Star of the Show

Giancarlo Stanton SamBat 2K2 Bat


Giancarlo Stanton stole the show last night with the most impressive power display we’ve ever seen.  61 bombs.  Obviously that’s the bat everyone wants to know about and you’ll hear all about it, but it was an awesome display of artillery all around.  Here is every one of them and their link if available.

An interesting takeaway from the Derby is that 3 of the best power hitters in baseball are swinging BIRCH wood.  Jack Hillerich, former Hillerich & Bradsby (Louisville Slugger) CEO once told WPW that birch didn’t catch on in its early days because of the sound, but we’ve been seeing it more recently.  Birch, please!

Corey Seager

Variation of Rawlings 271 Maple 34″/32oz

Not what he swung, but the only picture we had

Not what he swung, but the only picture we had

Seager swung a variation of the classic 271 turning model from Rawlings—when you think of a balanced bat, this is the prototype.  Learn more about this cut from our bat expert, Christian Dunbar, in our “TOP 5 MOST POPULAR WOOD BATS IN MLB.”

The 271 has a tapered knob, medium handle, and a tapered medium barrel. This profile makes the bat very easy to swing and balanced. The profile allows for the bat to be made out of the densest wood available.

Guys like Prince Fielder, Tulo, Brandon Phillips, and Pedro Alvarez among many others swing this turn from various companies.

Seager also got a DP318 from Rawlings but he didn’t use it.

Mark Trumbo

Trinity PC35 Birch 34/32 with Lizard Skin Grip

Mark Trumbo Trinity PC35 Bat

The power hitter’s standard 34/32 -2 drop.  Not much else is known about this one but we know Trumbo used to swing the PS 27:1, Adrian Gonzalez’ model.

Robinson Cano

Marucci AP5P Maple 34″/32oz with Lizard Skin Grip


Pictured is Pujols’ bat, but Cano swung the same.  The AP5P is one of several variations to the available AP5.  The difference is slight modifications to the barrel (for different balance points).

Adam Duvall

Louisville Slugger C243 Birch 34.5″/31.5oz

Adam Duvall Louisville Slugger C243 Birch Bat (HR Derby)

Adam Duvall Bat

We did a breakdown on Duvall’s bat earlier this week in our “Top 7 NL Power Hitters” post and you can check it out here.  In hindsight, leaving Giancarlo out of that post despite a slow 1st half is the most pathetic mistake in WPW history. 61 apologies.

Carlos Gonzalez

B45 Cargo 5 (WR1) Birch 34.5″/32oz

Cargo B45 WR1 HR Derby Bat

Carlos Gonzalez B45 HR Derby Bat

From B45:

“The Cargo 5 has the biggest barrel permitted, a standard handle and a big knob.”

You can get Cargo’s bat here.

Wil Myers

MaxBat WM4 Maple 34/32.5

Wil Myers HR Derby Bat

Wil Myers’ MaxBat WM4 is an R10 (available) with a beefed up barrel.  Myers and his bear paws have no use for peasant batting gloves.

Todd Frazier


Todd Frazier Marucci Bat

Frazier had the Sinatra quote put on for the Derby.  The SH7 is a very long (35″) and skinny bat, with a CU26 handle, thinner neck and smaller barrel.  Frazier swings it like a whip and that’s what he looks for in a bat.

Giancarlo Stanton

Sam Bat 2K2 Maple 34″/32oz

Giancarlo Stanton SamBat 2K2 Bat

There’s a good chance that if you look up in the sky tonight, you’ll see no less than 20 of Stanton’s missiles orbiting the Earth.  Stanton has NASA pop.  Learn more about this one on Sam Bat’s website. The pro rep for Sam Bat said you can go to the site, use the chat option to speak with a rep, and you can get Stanton’s exact cut.

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