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The Week in What Pros Wear

A few stories around the MLB that you might like:

^ Cespedes takes his manager deep with a donut on the bat.  He’s also got 23 karat gold on his Chandler bat now. ^

gomes ross hunting

^ If you want the links for Ross’ rubber overalls, look elsewhere. ^

iraq cubs eye

^ Not sure what I think about that one. ^

When you get to the Bigs, you’ll have your cleats cleaned for you.

ryan roberts

^ From the article, it says the gloves Ryan Roberts is wearing are for the dugout.  I assume that means they’ll be wearing them in cold weather, but they are cool, football-inspired gloves nonetheless. ^

^ Just a quick clip of Rawlings’ visit to Jays camp. ^

David Price wouldn’t play for the Yankees because of the facial hair policy.  From a business standpoint that was a silly thing to say, but he’s right.  I’m a Yankee fan and the Yankees’ tight-ass policies are archaic and need to be changed.  They allow mustaches but not beards.  Let alone the fact that that makes no logical sense, but ballplayers don’t even wear mustaches anymore unless its a joke.

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