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Top 5 Wilson Middle Infield Glove Models

Tony Kemp’s A2K 1786 is one of Wilson’s best MIF Gloves – but does it make our list?

One could argue Wilson makes way too many infield gloves – for example, there are currently 33 A2000 and A2K models on Wilson’s website at this moment. This means you get to feel a ton of awesome gloves at your local sporting gloves store, but it does not make your job of finding that perfect glove any easier.

This post hopes to clear up some of the confusion surrounding the seemingly endless number of models, breaking down the top five Wilson middle infield gloves while explaining their appeal.

Go to: 5. A2000 1785 | 4. A2000 1788SS | 3. A2K DP15 | 2. A2K 1787 | 1. A2000 1786

5. Wilson A2000 1785

Wilson A2000 1785

What it is: The Wilson A2000 1785 is the Carlos Correa model and therefore copies the specs of Correa’s game glove: 11.75″ length, laced cross web, and a navy/blonde/red/white colorway. The 1785 comes with a round and medium depth pocket size, and will easily close around the ball with little work.

Who it is for: The new 1785 model is specifically for shortstops looking for something longer with a deeper pocket. Unlike many of the other gloves on this list, the Wilson A2000 1785 will easily close around the ball without much work yet still allows you to get the ball out quickly.

Shop the Wilson A2000 1785 for $259.95

4. Wilson A2000 1788SS

Wilson A2000 1788SS

What it is: Currently the smallest A2000 model in Wilson’s lineup, the Wilson A2000 1788SS is an 11.25″ model with a super shallow pocket. In addition to these specs, this glove has the synthetic material “Super Skin” on its back to make the glove lighter and more controllable.

Who it is for: If you are looking for a smaller (and lighter) model to aid in getting the ball out quicker, the 1788SS will be the best model on this list for you. Although I would generally recommend this glove for a second baseman, you could easily copy Elvis Andrus and use a Wilson A2000 1788SS at short.

Shop the Wilson A2000 1788SS for $249.95

3. Wilson A2K DP15

Wilson A2K DP15

What it is: The Wilson A2K DP15 is the game model of Dustin Pedroia (he used it in 2016), and features an 11.5″ length, an I-web, and extremely shallow pocket. You also get the DP15 special – “Pedroia Fit” – which comprises of tighter hand and wrist stalls that are perfect for anyone with smaller hands.

Who it is for: Although specifications like an 11.5″ and shallow pocket already make the DP15 a great middle infield glove, the main seller and standout effect is the tighter hand/wrist stalls. Therefore, this is the only model I would recommend for middle infielders whose hands are just too small to fit in Wilson’s other models.

Shop the Wilson A2K DP15 for $323.96 – a 10% discount

2. Wilson A2K 1787

Wilson A2K 1787

What it is: The Wilson A2K 1787 is an 11.75″ model that has gained a once-vacant prominence among MLB shortstops – Dansby Swanson currently uses it, Carlos Correa used it last year, etc. This model comes with a shallower pocket that stays shallow unless you make a concentrated effort to deepen it.

Who it is for: This mitt is the best option on this list for a shortstop looking for a longer glove that still has a shallower pocket for quicker transfers. However, second basemen might also find this extra length helpful, just as Daniel Murphy does.

Shop the Wilson A2K 1787 for $323.96 – a 10% discount

1. Wilson A2000 1786

Wilson A2000 1786

What it is: It should not come as a surprise that Wilson’s most popular middle infield (and overall) glove tops our list of best Wilson middle infield gloves. With an 11.5″ length and shallow pocket, the 1786 is more than perfect for picking it at second or short.

Who it is for: The A2000 1786 is for a middle infielder who wants a straightforward glove that is simply ideal for up the middle. I would even go as far as to make the safe bet that you will love the 1786, even if you still have no clue what glove to get.

Shop the Wilson A2000 1786 for $259.95

Follow-up Question: Do you own a Wilson middle infield glove? If so, which one?

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