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UNRELEASED IMAGES of Under Armour Catcher’s Mitts


One of our most commented-on Instagram posts recently was Brian McCann’s Under Armour catcher’s mitt.  We mentioned it in our last post on MLB Trend-Spotting, and that we were told they may release in 2017.

After that post, another e-mail came in, with some beauty shots of McCann’s UA mitt, as well as a few other styles that they will eventually offer.  (Now we are hearing that Spring 2016 might be the release date.)


This is McCann’s model, the UACM-PRO1.  Its got premium Japanese-tanned leather, and perforations on the back of the hand to reduce weight while maintaining strength.

All-Star Sporting Goods is the actual manufacturer of these gloves.  The reason for this?  Under Armour just recognizes that, without experience, their gloves couldn’t compete with those already on the market, so they went to an expert to get the job done right.  That might seem cheap, or a cop-out, but its just good business.


This one looks like a softer leather, model UACM-100A, probably the lower-cost version of the McCann model.  It looks identical aside from the leather quality, and may be smaller.


Compared to the UACM-100A, the UACM-200A looks like its the same (youth?) size, but with the premium leather that we see on McCann’s PRO1.

We don’t do much with softball, but hey, we got some really nice shots of Under Armour’s future fast-pitch softball catcher’s mitts, so why not?


This is the UACMW-100A, with what looks like the same leather as the baseball 100A.


And finally, the UACMW-200A, with upgraded leather, an H-Web style, and a little flair.

Supposed release of these models will be Spring 2016, though we have no confirmation.  If we get more details we’ll post.

I imagine the majority of you are into these.  They’re dead sexy.  But knowing that these are made by All-Star, would you be more likely to rock a UA glove, or an All-Star glove?

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  1. These gloves have actually been out in Japan for, I wanna say, 2 years or so. They were only available at these tiny little stand alone UA baseball shops. They were priced a lot higher than the other high end Japanese gloves and were tough to get because they sold out quickly. I have a connection with a guy who would get me my gloves from Japan. He originally told me the gloves were made by Kubota Slugger. I’ve seen other information that All-Star make UA’s catching gear, so I’m guessing that UA switched to All-Star as their glove maker, based off of the info you’ve received.

    Also, side note, Nike Japan has ceased their Japanese glove lines due to poor sales. Must be why they haven’t produced a new line over there since the Vapor MVP. I have several SHADO Elite J’s and those are amazing gloves.

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