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All of our work and hustle is for the city across our chest. #OurColores

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Just six years after moving into a brand new stadium and radically re-branding the team, the Marlins are re-launching their brand for the Jeter-era.  With the 2012 look, the Marlins gave a splash of color to the MLB unlike any other team.  This new look tones it down a bit, but still maintains originality and loyalty to their city, Miami.  New Marlins gear can be had here, and below is what we think about it.

There is true meaning to the re-design.  With the new look, the Jeter-era Marlins are drawing the curtains on the colorful, yet ill-fated 2012-2018 Marlins, who endured Jeffrey Loria, the tragic death of Jose Fernandez, the trading of their franchise’s only MVP, Stanton, AND a future MVP, Yelich, abysmal attendance, the Home Run Sculpture, and seven straight losing seasons.

Symbolism is fun, but beyond that… is the gear sexy or not?  And is it better or worse than what they already had?  To signal the new beginning, the Marlins sent out artists around the city of Miami to introduce the colors to their fans.  The artwork give us a good feel for the colors.

The murals look great, and were just a class move by the Marlins.

The color-scheme uses caliente red, Miami blue, midnight black, and slate gray.

The new look strives to embody the Miami community and their Latin American Roots.  According to the team’s press release, it is “emblematic of the Miami energy and night life.”  The Marlins added that the logo and colors “aim to capture the rich baseball history, diversity, and energy of the area.”

Two miles away, in Miami’s basketball arena, the Heat took a similar approach with their special City Edition uniforms, which used a Miami Vice color scheme featuring “laser fuchsia” and “blue gale” accents.

They sold like hotcakes.

Will the Marlins have the same success?  Same colors, basically, but just a rearrangement of font colors.  The pink “Miami” script on the Heat jersey is electric, whereas the black of the Marlins jersey stands out much less.  Some may like that more subdued look, but I prefer how the pink jumps off the screen with the Heat jersey.

What do you think?

Aside from the whites, the Marlins will have three other jerseys: grey, black, and blue.

Which is your fave?  If I was gonna get one, I’d choose blue.

BP cap is dope, though we can’t find it for sale yet.

This surfer shirt is my fave from the MLB Shop.  Overall, I think this is an improvement from the last logo, but I’m more excited for the “Miami Vice” Heat imitation alternates than the everyday jerseys.

What do you think?

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  1. I think that we can all agree that they should have gone back to being the Florida Marlins and black/teal…

    1. reasonable. i saw some mockups on twitter that looked pretty good.

  2. The new design looks like it’s from a baseball mobile game that was trying to avoid copyright infringement.

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