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What (Future) Pros Wear: The Bats of the College World Series (1 of 2)

So I mentioned wanting to do something college-ball-related with the College World Series having just been decided, and here it is.  The difference between researching pros and researching college guys is that it’s much harder.  There are very few ways to see these guys unless you just so happen to be watching the game, as photojournalists don’t seem to snap many photos of them.  Regardless, here’s a little peek into what the best amateur players are swinging these days.

rawlings 5150 velo bat, 5150 alloy, south carolina gamecocks baseball, lb dantzler, christian walker

Both of South Carolina’s best sluggers, Christian Walker (top) and LB Dantzler swung Rawlings 5150 BBCOR bats in this year’s CWS.

Christian Walker, a 4th rounder for the Baltimore Orioles this year, was by far the Gamecock’s offensive MVP for the 2012 season.  He led the team with a .321 BA, 77 hits, 11 HR, 55 RBI, while slugging a team-best .525.

Walker mashed with a Rawlings 5150 Alloy BBCOR bat, which is available online.  He gripped the 5150 with the Rawlings Workhorse 1050 batting gloves in all white, also available online (though all-white is hard to find in stock).  On his feet, Walker wore the Under Armour Yard 5/8, which are not available through retailers but can be found sparingly online.  He also wears a Evoshield leg guard, which we all know is available.

Walker’s teammate, LB Dantzler, slugged his way to 10 HR and 48 RBI,tying for the team lead in doubles (15).  In the College World Series, Dantzler swung the Rawlings 5150 Velo BBCOR bat, which is also available online.  Dantzler also wore the Rawlings Workhorse 1050 batting gloves like Christian Walker, but in black and white which are better stocked online than the white/white version.  On his feet, Dantzler wore the Under Armour Heater IV 5/8 cleats in SC colors.  Though not in his colors, the Heater IV are available online.  Like in the feature, LB Dantzler also wears an Evoshield leg guard.

Here are the links:

Walker’s Rawlings 5150 Alloy BBCOR Bat

Dantzler’s Rawlings 5150 Velo BBCOR Bat

Rawlings Workhorse 1050 Batting Gloves (Walker’s were white/white, and Dantzler’s were white/black)

Walker’s Under Armour Yard 5/8 (Walker’s are the first version and not the Yard II’s—Not a lot to pick from with this cleat)

Dantzler’s Under Armour Heater IV 5/8

Evoshield Leg Guard (Both guys wore this)

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