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What Pros Blare: 2013 New York Mets Walk-Up Songs (via @DesignatedHits)


The first installment of What Pros Blare for the young season and I wanted to do a young team with a little hope.  I think the Mets are going to be a pretty good team this year and I have no real evidence to back that up.  I just think when expectations are low and you got a little talent, you can surprise people.  Plus I listened to Marlon Byrd’s walk-up first and it made me feel better about my choice.  Thanks to DesignatedHits.com, the best/only legit source for walk-up music, for the research making my job a lot easier…

Marlon Byrd

I got a fever, and the only prescription is more Gang Starr.

Jordany Valdespin

You take a few months off and you forget that this beat is half the walk-up songs in the bigs…  I gotta say, this is torture for 3 minutes.  At least in-stadium its only torture for like 5-7 seconds.

Daniel Murphy

I have to admit this is the last good song Linkin Park ever made.  I geniunely enjoy it, but I’ve gotta imagine by May the season ticket holders are going to groan when Murphy gets up.

David Wright

In terms of walk-up/player combos, you’re not gonna do better than this.  Somebody that wants to make some money should be selling “I Got 5 On It” tees outside the Willets Point subway stop.

Ike Davis

The 30 times that this song plays, Ike doesn’t strike out and the ball ends up in the second deck are going to be real crowd pleasers.

John Buck

If you think I’m gonna talk bad about the first MLB player to do an interview for me, you’re right.  The song is a little slow.  I can see the personal significance of the song though, having been traded a couple of times in the offseason, only to be leading the league in RBI as of April 10.

Lucas Duda

No complaints here.  Easy choices are easy choices.

I grew out of this band.

Mike Baxter

I’m extremely indifferent, and I think that’s probably the consensus.

Ruben Tejada

I really can’t even judge these fairly anymore because I’m so tired of it.  Sorry.

Justin Turner

Still the best song on the planet.

Colin Cowgill

If you had one big league AB, and you played this song, I think everybody reading this would rip a line drive up the middle.  Pitch-and-duck.

Matt Harvey

I think Bruce Springsteen sucks.

Feels really good to have that off my chest.

Rob Carson

I think this is the type of song that sounds really good loud, so I’m cool with it but I just don’t love Meek Mill.  He’s just not easy on the ears like some others out there.

Josh Edgin

This chorus is catchy as hell.  Bona fide crowd-favorite.

 Jonathan Niese

Bigger fan of this one than Buck’s, but not by much.  It’s got a little more bass to it.  I still don’t think it wins the crowd.

Dillon Gee

I’m pretty sure I’m on record as saying this song passes the stadium-rocking test.  Aldean once again continuing his reign over MLB sound systems.

Jeremy Hefner

Jack White is on another planet in terms of creativity and on a guitar, he is a monster—the same can’t really be said for his cinematography.

Shawn Marcum

One of my high-school warm-up songs (scroll to Ryan Howard) is always going to score well with the judges.

Overall, I’d give the Mets an A-.  Eclectic and for the most part, fundamentally sound choices.  We’ll be doing What Pros Blare stuff more often now, probably like once a week.

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