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What Pros Blare: Atlanta Braves


The Braves were a request from WPW’s own, Jake, who fires off Instagram gems on the daily.  If you’re reading this, you’ll probably enjoy them.

The Braves were a steady mix, as we’ve come to expect in these features.  Some great odes to the ATL and some not so great overall musical decisions.  The top spot is probably going to Evan Gattis, your newest man-crush, with Dan Uggla taking home the award for “Never Listening to Music.”  Enjoy.

Juan Francisco

This is buffoonery.  Glad we’re off on the right foot.

Freddie Freeman

Voice of an angel.  Feeling good about things again.

Those are just three solid songs.  Another reason why Freddie is the future.

Evan Gattis

He could walk up to “Lamb Chops Play Along” and it’d be badass.  ZZ Top is perfect. (He needs a profile.)

Are you kidding me?

Read his Wikipedia and tell me he’s not your favorite player.

Jason Heyward

Can someone tell me if this is actually still what he comes out to?

Tim Hudson

This is a good one.

Chris Johnson

She’s not much of a role model but Rihanna is a ruthless hitmaker.

Paul Maholm

Brian McCann

What an interesting contrast.  I feel like Khaled would be playing in Eric Church’s “Homeboy’s” headphones.

Kris Medlen

Jack White is a good choice.  He has a few good ones.

Mike Minor

Kinda corny to me, but I’m sure I’d have no problem with it at the stadium.

Jordan Schafer

See Heyward, Jason.

Andrelton Simmons

I dig the tribute to the home city.  Atlanta is a hip-hop hotbed.  I just think there are better options out there (see later in the post for what I’m talking about).

Dan Uggla

Wake up, bro, you’re hitting .150.

BJ Upton

Quit karate chopping through fastballs and you can get away with this noise.

Justin Upton

This is Atlanta.

If it wasn’t bad enough, Justin has better taste in music, too.

bj upton pic

Jonny Venters

Aldean is and will always be a favorite.  Nothing wrong with that either.

Jordan Walden


Craig Kimbrel

Classic.  I’ve discussed this before.

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