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What Pros Blare: Atlanta Braves

I got a Twitter request tonight to do more What Pros Blare posts.  I had originally planned to do Billy Hamilton, but wouldn’t you know it, the dude is an Under Armour guy—and I’m just tired of having to tell you guys you can’t find pro UA stuff online, which is pretty much the case for everything any of their contract guys wear.  So, I went with the request.  Here’s the Atlanta Braves walk-up songs, brought to you thanks to DesignatedHits.com.

Michael Bourn

I didn’t even know Slim Thug was alive.  These lyrics are a testament to why he hasn’t had a hit song since 2006—this song is a 4 minute long cliche.  Eh.

Matt Diaz

Am I missing out on Christian rap?  First Cishek, now this?  These beats are hard as hell.

Juan Francisco

Is this song still cool in Atlanta?  The Dominican Republic?  I’m pretty sure this was the raciest song they played at my 5th grade Catholic school dance.

Freddie Freeman

This song is so purely enjoyable.  I haven’t met a single person that doesn’t love this song.  Speaking of…

Words really can’t describe how much I enjoy this song.  No it’s not your traditional walk-up song, but this is a cult classic and it transcends music and if you don’t see that you can kick rocks.  If it doesn’t win song of the year at every award show in the world it’s an absolute tragedy.  People who don’t like this song have no soul.  Way to step up, Freddie.

Tommy Hanson

Seems kinda funny, no?  I don’t know.  Not blown away.

Jayson Heyward

Decided on the Braves because I was curious to know what Heyward came out to—I’ll admit I’m slightly disappointed.  But then again, this song is fire.  I’m all for the, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” theory.  This song works 100% of the time, and that’s not my opinion, that’s science.

Eric Hinske

Aside from the vocals, this song must absolutely electrify the crowd.  If only Hinske’s bat knocked as hard as Pantera, you’d have quite a nice harmony.

Tim Hudson

Hudson’s a boss.  If you’re 93 games over .500, you come out to whatever you like.  I ain’t mad at it.

Chipper Jones

See Hudson, Tim.

This is a personal favorite of mine because it was on my high school BP mix, back when Chipper was a perennial 30/100 MVP contender.  I wish this guy could play forever.

Craig Kimbrel

See What Pros Blare: Closers Edition.

Brian McCann

Overplayed in 2009.  Should be extinct in 2012.

The Holy Grail of cliche’d sports songs.  And to think of all the athletes/teams who’ve abused this song, and lost, lost, lost, no matter what.

No genre of music does a better job of painting a beautiful picture than country.  Nevertheless, this song makes me want to go buy a pick-up truck and reunite with my high school sweetheart, not rip a fastball back up the middle.

Kris Medlen

What an awesome choice.  Exactly what you need as a pitcher to get your blood pumping.

Mike Minor

I miss this band.  I’m a little mixed on this one as it’s a little more blues than bump but it no doubt fills a stadium nicely.

Martin Prado

From what I’ve read, this is a politically inspired song, aimed at the President of the Ivory Coast.  Somehow it made it’s way to Martin Prado’s ears, and subsequently his walk-out.  God bless the internet?

Andrelton Simmons

My Brazilian friend Bira told me the title means “Oh, If I Catch You!”  With 422 million Youtube views, this is one of the most popular songs in the world.  If you don’t get why, watch the video.  I say Andrelton’s got the right idea.

Dan Uggla

I get how catchy this is.  I get that the beat bangs.  But if it wasn’t for Trey Songz this song would just be another skip.  This guy is a terrible rapper (I know some of you disagree, but I just don’t really get it).

Jonny Venters

The Aldean bandwagon adds another, and I’m not far behind.  I only hear his songs when I’m doing a Blare post, and I like every single one.


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