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What Pros Blare: Best Of (The Best Walk-Ups in the Bigs!) Part 1

Chuck Finley dreaming up his next walk-up.

Since I’ve done a few teams and been, for the most part, underwhelmed at MLB players’ musical tastes, I decided to look around the league and find the absolute BEST of the BEST for you.  This way, you can get those wheels spinning for next year’s choice.

I tried to pick eclectically, but there are some genres of music that just don’t resonate with me, and have thus been left off.  The following list is completely and totally biased in favor of my excellent musical tastes.

Zach Phillips (Orioles), Brian Bogusevic (Astros)

Zeppelin, so money.

Adam Jones

Nick Markakis

Paul Konerko

As pervasive as Metallica is throughout the walk-up landscape, I could not omit them from the Best Of.

AJ Pierzynski

 Michael Bourn

I’d never heard of this guy before.  I do appreciate when players choose a hometown artist—definitely a cool gesture to the city.  And the song being a headbanger doesn’t hurt either.

Wade Miley (DBacks)

See!  I even picked a country song.  And when the lead singer stepped off his pick-up and rescued the damsel-in-distress by beating down that frat dude with the popped collar, I knew this was one tough track.

Matt Lindstrom

Appropriate for the flamethrower, and classic Weezy.

Shelley Duncan

Cord Phelps (Indians)

Like my Metallica choice, there’s just too much AC/DC out there not to include them in the Best Of.  This one just seemed to make a lot of sense for a young ballplayer trying to carve out a role for himself on a Major League team.  Nice pick, Cord.

Peter Bourjos

You’re talking about one of the best hip-hop beats ever made.

Mike Trout


Linkin Park has taken a nosedive for the ages these past few years, but this song is badass.

Steve Cishek

As I said in the Closer Edition, I had no idea it was Christian rap and it didn’t even matter.

Giancarlo Stanton

I was very excited to see this choice from Giancarlo—the best power hitter in the game needs an epic entrance.

Jay Bruce

Jay Bruce (again)

Bruce, a Texas native, pleasantly surprised me with these choices.  The guy knows hip-hop.  He even had a third song from Sam Adams which I could just have easily added here.  Bruce is the only guy to appear on this list twice and he certainly earned this great privilege.

Ryan Hanigan

One of my faves ever.  Infectious.  Try not to sing and dance.  I dare you.

Nick Masset (Reds), Jeff Baker (Tigers)

It’s like this intro was designed for a reliever’s run in from the bullpen.  Heart-rate spike guarantee.

Sean Marshall, Chase Utley

The only song that players use the original and also the sample as walk-up (Derek Jeter now enters to Come With Me)

Chris Nelson

D! M! X!  A throwback to a time when I was a 12 year old punk on the school bus with my Sony Walkman, rapping words I didn’t understand.

Jordan Pacheco

See previous song.

Brett Gardner, Jordan Zimmermann

Quintin Berry

Collin Cowgill

Coco Crisp

I felt compelled to add one of these types of songs because of all the Skrillex stuff I saw being used.  But I didn’t use Skrillex.  Because I saw him at a music festival (Outside Lands) recently and he played Fatman Scoop.  It was bizarre.  Corny doesn’t even begin to describe it.

 George Kottaras

From what I’ve seen, he’s the only guy in the Bigs who selected a Tool song, which to me is sad.  Those guys rock so hard it hurts.

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  I have a friend visiting and it is really hard to find time between beating his ass at FIFA ’12 to get posts up. Part II of the Best Of is on the way.



  1. Hey guys! noticed my favorite player, Ellsbury was rocking some new batting gloves, they look like Nike Show Elite 2’s.

  2. Sorry! I meant Diamond Elite Pros

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