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What Pros Blare: Best Of (The Best Walk-Ups in the Bigs!), Part II

You got the EnhancedCD?!  Oh snap!

Back for the second installment of the Best of What Pros Blare.  These are the best walk-up/entrance songs in the league, as I see it.  First installment out of three can be found here.

Let’s get to it.

R.A. Dickey

I gotta just give the guy credit for originality.  The irony of this choice is that R.A.’s knuckleball is equally as strange and kooky as Star Wars fanatics.

Rob Johnson (Mets)

I don’t care what you say, this song still lights the building on fire.

Ryan Braun

Epic factor.  On a side note: this video is just absurd.

Randy Wolf

Finally, someone with some walk-up musical sense!  This is a 10 out of 10.  The build-up is so key.

Andre Ethier

I give points for the hometown slant.  Though it does help when your hometown is LA and you’ve got piles upon piles of classic gangster rap records to choose from.

Dee Gordon

Love the chorus.  Great choice by Dee.

Kenley Jansen

***one hand in the air, bouncin’***

Matt Joyce

The :15 through :30, you won’t find a better sample for a walk-up.  I think this album was so over-hyped that it’s underrated.  If that’s possible.

Jeff Keppinger

Is this a subliminal shot at the Giants?  Keppinger, having been on six teams in eight seasons, has probably had about enough of being taken out like yesterday’s trash.  I’m not saying that a rap beef is brewing between Brian Sabean and J-Kepp, but I’d be naive to say it isn’t.

Jeff Francouer

I have almost no recollection of this video but it was too good not to share.  Francouer has a great sense of humor, but you really just can’t mess with MJ, one way or the other.

Mike Moustakas, Tom Wilhelmsen

Nice to see a young guy like Moose going for real music over the Skrillex garbage all the young guys seem to go for.  You can keep your Macbooks and your MyFace, I’ll take Hendrix shredding a guitar into a million pieces.

 Michael Saunders


Ryan Howard

Any song that appeared on my high school basketball warm-up tape is a STONE-COLD LOCK.

In case you were wondering (you should be wondering), the 2004 John Jay Basketball team’s mixtape was like this (thanks to @funkfletch for the refresher):

  1. Da Rockwilda – It’s a prerequisite.  Warm-up tape 101.
  2. Victory – (See #1)
  3. ‘Till I Collapse – (See #1)
  4. Nev-ah by Rowdy Rahz – And now I’m officially taking you to school.
  5. The Bad Guy by Fabolous – Cash.
  6. Smash Sumthin by Redman – Probably the darkhorse for best warm-up song ever.
  7. Dirt of Your Shoulder – Black Album was pretty much the only thing playing in everybody’s ’98 Civic so we wanted to appeal to the pop fan.  Yes, all bases were covered.
  8. Like Whoa
We might have lost a lot of games, but we were undefeated in warm-ups.

Jimmy Rollins

J-Roll had a couple other good choices, too (The Motto by Drake and On My Block by Scarface), so this is in recognition of the body of work.

Brian Schneider

Mac represented in his home state.

Jeff Karstens

The problem with incredibly catchy hooks with monster sounds is that you risk being offered huge checks by the Hollywood producers to use said hook to spice up lame car commercials, slow motion montages or crescendo scenes.  The fallout from this, of course, is that we, the interrupted consumer, associate the song with an annoying commercial or cliche’d movie scene, rather than the all-around badass-ness of the song (A good example is Fire by Jimi Hendrix).  This song is a victim of all these crimes, having been used in a Bud commercial, the movie “Horrible Bosses,” and the promo for the insufferable Kevin Millar’s “Intentional Talk” show.

Glad I got that off my chest.  Nice pick, Jeff.

Starling Marte

You just have to respect this.  This is more an ode to Wiz for making the song in the first place.

Neil Walker

Assuming it starts when the beat drops, this song’s infectious factor is off the charts.  Fist.  Pump.  Fist.  Pump…

Kyle Blanks

This is the most press Blanks’ has gotten since I drafted him as a sleeper back in 2009.  Needless to say, it didn’t work out.

Chase Headley

Too good not to share that montage.  And where the hell did Chase Headley come from this year?  21 bombs and 66 RBI after the all-star break?  I’d say Chase has been eating his vitamins.

Cameron Maybin

One of my favorite Pusha songs—gritty.

That wraps up part II—decided to do it in three parts because this one is getting long.  Still got a bunch of teams to go.



  1. Matt Joyce walks up to Flux Pavillion – I Can’t Stop…the original, not the stolen Kanye West BS…

  2. […] of my high-school warm-up songs (scroll to Ryan Howard) is always going to score well with the […]

  3. hey man could you find more of the metallica songs that are used??

  4. No David Wright! His walkup song fits him perfectly

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