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What Pros Blare: Walk-Up Music for the 2012 Cincinnati Reds

Here we go with another installment of What Pros Blare—this time we’ll highlight the walk-up music selections of the 2012 Cincinnati Reds.

In no particular order:

Jay Bruce

This song samples a song called “Where is My Mind” by the Pixies, which is the soundtrack for the culminating scene in Fight Club, so this definitely has an epic feel to it.  A song by M.I.A. called 20 Dollar also mimics the Pixies (and is an awesome song).  Of the 3, I’d pick M.I.A. for a walk-up, but Bruce’s choice isn’t too bad.

Bruce on his pick: “I’m always listening to music, and I put a lot of thought into what song I pick,” Bruce said. “I want to enjoy what I hear when I walk to the plate, but I try to think of the fans, too. I try to pick something that’s easy on their ears.”

Zack Cozart

Never heard of this song or this band before this very moment, but this is a great walk-up choice.  As I’m writing this at 7:30 in the morning, I’m tapping my feet, and mornings are my kryptonite.

Cozart on his pick: “I don’t even know who he is and what kind of music he plays,” Cozart said of Randolph. “My wife picked it when I was in double-A. I changed it one year to ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine,’ the Fort Minor version, but my wife said I needed to go back to the other song. So I guess it’s here to stay.”

Todd Frazier

Let me go on record as saying Sinatra’s music is timeless.  An all-time great.  But there’s a time and a place, Todd.  A time, and a place.

Frazier on his picks: “It derives from when I was young,” Frazier explained. “My grandparents used to listen to it all the time at the house, and my high school coach, Ken Frank, would play it when we were taking batting practice and before games. I just fell in love with it.

“I think I’m the only one in the league who comes out to Frank Sinatra,” Frazier added. “A lot of fans will come up to me and say ‘You’re the Frank Sinatra guy.’

Ryan Hanigan

That Maino song is one of my all-time favorites and I’m not ashamed to say it.  Everything T-Pain touches turns to Walk-Up music gold.

Chris Heisey

Had me for about 5 seconds there in the beginning and then lost me completely.

Ryan Ludwick

Listen up: Ryan Ludwick isn’t the flashiest guy.  Not a tremendous talent.  He’s had a few solid seasons here and there.  But he’s made more than 17 million dollars in a ten-year career.  And you wanna know why?  Because of smart decisions like these.  You want to stay in The Show for a decade—you win the crowd.  You play the hits and you play ’em loud.  Thank you, Ryan Ludwick, for showing us what it means to be a pro.

Ludwick on his picks: “I had ‘Brass Monkey’ for 11 years in St. Louis, but I switched it this year because my kid wanted me to come out to a different song,” Ludwick said. “He’s 3, so it’s his show now.”

Brandon Phillips

I’m OK with the Jeezy.  The next one (which supposedly starts at :47, as if it mattered) is a mistake.  The Kanye is solid.  The Wale is his best choice.  And Rack City will never hurt you.  I’d say this is a mixed bag, but it could be worse.

Phillips on his picks: “I pick songs based on how I’m feeling, or my personality,” said Phillips, who currently is using “Everythang” by Young Jeezy.

“I do it for the fans, too,” Phillips added. “I asked them on Twitter what they’d like to hear and went with some of the better responses.”

Scott Rolen

Looks like Scott is just mailing it in at this point.

Rolen: “I’ve never picked a song,” he said. “They can play whatever the hell they want, to tell you the truth. But when I was in Toronto they told me I had to pick a song, so I said ‘I’ll let my daughter pick it.’

“Well, my choices were Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift or Coldplay,” Rolen continued. “So obviously I went with Coldplay. She calls it our song and dances around when it comes on.”

Drew Stubbs

I’ve already stated in past WPB’s that a well-intentioned country song can go a long way with the right crowd.  And the Great American Ballpark is a great place for it.  However, this song is not the kind of upbeat foot-stomper that is going to ignite a crowd.

Joey Votto

I’m all for it.  Also, Joey, if you’re reading this, why not try this, or this.  Just suggestions.

Bronson Arroyo

This song sounds like its about suicide.  I guess that’s the type of song you come out to when you lead the league in HR allowed by 15.

Homer Bailey

For those that don’t know who Ted Nugent is, here’s a little background.  Homer Bailey is a Texas native.  A lot of interesting fellows in Texas.

Aroldis Chapman

Chapman, a Cuban native, goes with a hometown legend in the “Queen of Salsa,” Celia Cruz.

Mike Leake

A classic is a classic.

Sean Marshall

A popular choice, but rightly so.

Mat Latos

I guess I should have seen this one coming.  Latos does look like he has awful taste in music. (No offense if you have awful taste in music.)

I know I’m missing Cueto, but the Middletown Journal article that I drew from said he warmed up to Daddy Yankee’s “Damn,” but for all my searching I found nothing titled that.  If anyone knows, let me know and I’ll put him up.

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  1. Im having a small issue. I cant get my reader to pick up your rss feed, Im using yahoo reader by the way.

    1. Hm. I honestly have no idea how to help. I am not much of a tech guy, unfortunately. I hope you can get it figured out, it’s probably best to check out wordpress’ help stuff.

  2. Jay Bruce used “R.E.D. Nation” last year by The Game. Opening line fit perfectly.

  3. Just a heads up- Ted Nugent isn’t from Texas…. he’s from Detroit

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