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What Pros Blare: Walk-Up Music for the 2012 Detroit Tigers

In our second impromptu installment of What Pros Blare, we’ll check out the walk-up music for the 2012 Detroit Tigers.

Alex Avila

Classy, classy pick from the All-Star catcher.  The bigger the venue, the more bad-ass the Black Keys sound, and I’m sure Comerica is hummin’ when Avila digs in.

Prince Fielder

This one is more of an individual experience for me.  Whereas Avila’s gets the crowd behind him, I see Prince blasting this in his Beats by Dre earbuds as he launches balls into the Detroit stratosphere.  Still probably sounds sick walking up.

Austin Jackson

Jeezy lost me at “I bought the Phantom just to take a nap.”  Just buy a bed.  Plus this song sucks.

Looks like Jackson likes southern rap (checks Wikipedia)—yep, he’s from Texas.  I will say this song is a far better southern anthem than Jeezy’s Ballin’.  And “Hustle” is definitely fitting for Jackson’s game—the guy is a thoroughbred.

Brennan Boesch

Falls into the same category for me as “I Got Mine” as a crowd-pleaser, but with a little less juice.  The problem is that this song wouldn’t have enough time to really explode with the small snippets they play.

Questionable call here, Brennan.  Great song, not meant for stadium entrances.  If you wanted to pull from Take Care, your only choice for a walk-up is Lord Knows.

Delmon Young

Put a better lyricist on this and I’m all for it.  This beat would scare me as a pitcher.  With Young’s .367 slug and lone homerun to this point in the season, its more bark than bite, though.

Max Scherzer


He had the right idea with the title, but it’s just too reflective of a song for me.  Not the type of song I want to bust out of the bullpen with.  One of the best songs of 2010 though.

Miguel Cabrera

What can be said.  It’s huge.  It bangs.  It won’t go away, and no one wants it to.  If this song were a ballplayer, it’d be Miggy.

Great mixtape (not so much the album) and one of the better songs.  Pleasantly surprised by this pick from Miggy—though he could walk up to Dixie Chicks and hit .340.

Rick Porcello

Yes, Rick.  I, too, appreciate FX’s fall lineup.  Epic choice.

Don Kelly

Maybe Don was too busy ending the Yankees 2011 season to come up with a new walk-up song?

Jhonny Peralta

If this song doesn’t get your blood pumping, you’re dead.  Simple.

Reggaeton should be faster if it is supposed to induce base hits.  Think New York Mets circa 2006.

Ryan Raburn

This song is a baseball song.  Like it or hate it, some country songs just belong on the diamond on a July afternoon.  Doesn’t matter if its Memphis or Detroit.  This is one of them.

I prefer the first one.

Phil Coke

Phil Coke is a clown.  That’s all I got.

Jose Valverde

Chalk this one up as a misguided copycat job for the most obnoxious closer in the game.

Justin Verlander

Best. Ever.

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  2. Can you find Prince Fielder’s current song as of right now

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