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What Pros Blare: Walk-Up Music for the 2012 New York Yankees

A few things before we start that have been on my mind for many years regarding Yankee Stadium music.

  • Nelly’s “Heart of a Champion,” the song the Yanks used to take the field to, was awesome.
  • Fabolous’ “My Time,” which is their entrance music now, pales in comparison to Nelly.
  • The fact that they still do “Cotton-Eyed Joe” by THE REDNEX in the middle of the 8th inning is without a doubt the biggest PA tragedy in sports.  How does this song in any way exemplify the New York Yankees?  It’s one of those songs that embeds itself in your brain like a disease and makes you want to punch yourself for singing it when you know you hate it.  That song belongs at a Demolition Derby at a backwoods state fair, not at one of America’s most admired sports venues—and for like 16 years!  Disgraceful.
  • My last gripe about Yankee Stadium’s musical tastes is their insistence that Kate Smith’s rendition of “God Bless America” be the one played for every 7th inning stretch since 2001 (unless we were lucky enough to have Ronan Tynan crush it).  I’m sure the woman had a great voice but she sounds like a foghorn in the version they use.

To the Walk-Ups:

Derek Jeter

Curtis Granderson

Grandy seems like he had a tough time finding these, but I think he ended up doing pretty well.

Classic Busta.  This will be a good choice in 50 years.  Timeless.

Eh.  Annoying repetitive choruses always turn me off.

This song is fire.  If the beat in general didn’t get you moving, it sounds like they sample the Super Mario sound effect where Mario jumps on a Koopa Troopa.  Which is genius.

Mark Teixeira

I have it on good faith from a reliable source that Teixeira is the corniest guy in the Yankee clubhouse.  This is not news.

See above.

Alex Rodriguez

Despite a down year on the field, A Rod still has great taste in the finer things.  Torrie Wilson is freakishly hot.  These songs aren’t bad either.

Robinson Cano

Oh My God.  I miss Spring Break.

I’m going to South Beach in a week and I imagine these songs will be on a constant loop from the time I touch down to the moment I leave.  If they’re not its a waste of money and time.

Nick Swisher

So, so, so typical. This is an absolute dud for me.

This is the epitome of my relationship with Nick Swisher.  One minute you think he’s the corniest guy alive, and the next he hits a 3-run bomb off Jon Lester and he weasels his way back into your heart.  This is that moment.

Swish does it again!  DROPPIN’ BOMBS ON YOUR MOMS!

Andruw Jones

Jones could come out to the Hamster Dance and I’d give it a good review.  Guy is a BOSS.  Plus the Hamataro Hamster Dance remix isn’t even that bad.  Probably better than this song actually.  Lil Wayne is pretty much dead to me after this album.

Raul Ibanez

Raul giving himself away a bit here.  This one might be lost on the kids, but its still a great song.

So he starts this one at the chorus.  He can start it whenever he wants it still makes him sound old.  Then again, I love Pearl Jam and this song—but if you’re coming out to PJ, you come out to this.

Eric Chavez

Fits Chavez’ approach to the game perfectly.  Guy always looks comfortable.

Classic, yes.  Walk-up song, no.

Prototype southern rap song/video.  Like TI, this one fits Chavez nicely.

Brett Gardner (Where have you gone?)

This song was inspired by Brett Gardner.  It’s perfect.  I’ve already said a few times how much I like this one.  I think this is Jordan Zimmerman’s as well.

Russell Martin

This song is as chill as Russell the Muscle’s batting average.  Wake up, Russ.

DeWayne Wise

Never gonna hear a peep of negativity out of me when it comes to Drake.  If that’s wrong, you be the judge.

CC Sabathia

I guess I shouldn’t expect crazy upbeat songs from this roster of senior citizens.  And again, its perfect.

It works just like this in real life!

Ivan Nova

Kind of unexpected from a bulldog like Nova.  But this is a multicultural game we play and we have to accept entrance music diversity.

Hiroki Kuroda

Can’t you just see Hiroki in the front row at a Foo Fighters show, reaching up at Dave Grohl and belting out these lyrics??

Andy Pettitte

Again, guys.  Take it easy on ’em, they’re old.  This is actually his ’09 song, because I couldn’t find the ’12 song.  Rock on, Andy.

Phil Hughes

Gosh, even the young guys pick old bands.  I was never a Metallica fan, so I just can’t relate.

David Robertson

Reason #1 why you will not be a closer.  There is only one reason.

Clay Rapada

Clay Rapada’s stat line: 24.2 IP, 14 H, 2.55 ERA.  Clay Rapada’s salary: $525k.  A message to ownership?  Call me crazy.  Crazy like a fox.

Rafael Soriano

He had a song written for him by a friend.  I don’t really get the details, but it isn’t available online.  My apologies.  I got a better one anyways…

The Greatest of All Time

Doctor said Rivera might come back in the same season from a torn ACL.  Thus proving the original hypothesis: He. Is. Not. Human.



  1. what’s jeter’s new walk-up song? it sounds like a rock song or something.

  2. update this !!! jeter and granderson have new ones

  3. […] Apparently Lance Berkman has been walking up to bat to Johnny Cash. Which is awesome in its own right, but the selection by the Man in Black Lance chose was “God’s Gonna Cut You Down.” That is some dark ass shit to be throwing up there at a baseball game. Not least because Berkman is perennially injured and in the twilight of his great career. But great choice, no doubt (as opposed to, say, Raúl Ibañez, who apparently has been walking up to Rush). […]

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