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What Pros Blare: Walk-Up Music for the 2012 San Francisco Giants

Photo courtesy of The SF Tremor

So since I likely won’t be able to get the research done tonight, I’m going with a Blare post so I don’t leave you guys hanging.  I want to do that metal bat post right.

On the backs of Melky, Matt Cain, Bumgarner, and Barry Zito (?), the Giants have climbed into a tie with the ice cold Dodgers.  In honor of their success, lets check out what they’re mashing to:

Gregor Blanco

Like I said in my Nats post, the Marley genre fits beautifully with the walk-up concept.  Music designed to piss off the neighbors.  Perfect.

Angel Pagan

Wow.  OK time to run through a wall.  Sick choice.


Can’t you just see Melky dancing shirtless on a table in the middle of the club to this?  Guy is an animal without a doubt.

You really can’t go wrong with one of the best rap songs in the last decade.

Pablo Sandoval

What would a Giants list be without this Ode to the Bay.  If I had to guess this might the most popular walk-up in baseball.

Brandon Crawford

So I said it in my Tigers post—this is the choice if you’re going to pull from Take Care.  Though I completely neglected The Motto and for that I am sorry.

Great choices.  I played this Royce song about 5 times just now.  Despite his musical tastes, I’m secretly rooting against Brandon Crawford because my high school/summer ball teammate Joey Panik is looming in the Giants system if he doesn’t cut it.

Ryan Theriot

Maybe he lost a bet?  Can’t imagine this would be anyone’s choice in a democratic society.

Brett Pill

After the lead-in, I thought to myself, “Oh this is pretty bad-ass,” and then the guy started screaming like a lunatic and I felt better about the fact that I always knew Pantera was garbage.  I will say for the first 5 or 10 seconds it had me going, though.

Buster Posey

Same choice as Jordan Zimmerman, and same grade.  A+.  Posey happens to be wheelin’ his way to the starting nod for the NL All-Stars, too.

Hector Sanchez

I clicked this with presumptions.  I was wrong.  This sounded like a Tech N9NE beat (albeit a cheap one), and whatever Daddy Yankee said, I agree with.  That was like nothing I’ve ever heard.  A+ walk-up!

P.S. THIS Tech song is a closer’s entrance if I’ve ever heard one.

Tim Lincecum

Game. Set. Match.  Lets hope those 7 shutout against the Dodgers last night is a sign of things to come, so he can be the best again.  This song is just too good for him not to be.

Madison Bumgarner

This song sounds way too much like Nickelback for me not to make fun of.  Goofy ears, goofy choice.  Come on, Maddy.

Matt Cain

You throw the greatest game ever pitched, you get a free pass…

Ryan Vogelsong

I’ve gotta admit, for what this is, it’s very bearable.  It’s just not for me.  But it’s definitely a solid song if this hard stuff is what gets your blood pumpin’.

Barry Zito

If Zito was an adjective, this would be the Zito-est walk-up song in music history.  Take another puff, Barry.

—What is this guy’s life like?  I would love to know what a 100-millionaire like this clown gets into on off-days.

Javier Lopez

Can’t really put a finger on what a good lefty specialist entrance song would be.  But this one—this one would be good for just about anybody.  OAKLAND, STAND UP.

Sergio Romo

Can someone confirm this is real?  My ears cannot believe what they’re hearing.  Anybody?

No wonder he’s not the closer.  Everybody would just go home.

And supposedly this is what he used last year:

It just doesn’t add up.

Santiago Casilla

This one made me seriously question my sources.  I have no words.  Please someone tell me this is wrong.  Please.

Well, those last two were seriously unsettling, but you can always write me or tweet me if you know I’m wrong…

whatproswear@gmail.com and @whatproswear.

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  1. I believe Tim Lincecum used to and still occasionally uses Electric Feel – MGMT as his entrance music

  2. Not sure where you’re writing from, but at AT&T people visibly cringe when Posey’s walk up music comes on and love Romo’s banda walk up.

    1. I’m in SF. And I haven’t seen the cringing but I do see people happy when Romo enters–I’d argue that it’s because he’s a great pitcher, though, not because he’s got great musical tastes. Either way, thanks for looking, Nicole!

  3. Timmy has been walking out to “Young Blood”

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