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What Pros Blare: Walk-Up Music for the 2012 St. Louis Cardinals

I haven’t done one of these in a while, and since the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals have received a grand total of ZERO love on WPW (who should I do?  I think I’ll do my boy Beltran), I figured I’d give them a What Pros Blare post as retribution for my oversight—I’m sure it’s really been bugging them.

Rafael Furcal

Thumbs down.  Too slow.  The antithesis of Rafael Furcal, really.

Jon Jay

I listen to this and I feel bloated and lazy.  Maybe it was the 3 pound burrito at lunch, maybe it’s because Rick Ross sucks.  Probably both.

Matt Holliday

Conflicting reports on Holliday so I’ll add both:

The Big Show was cool in 1998.  Zac Brown’s Chicken Fried was cool in 2008.  Holliday with his finger on the pulse!  Seriously though, I do really like that Zac Brown song.

Carlos Beltran

Boring.  Carlos must be a bit busy (leading the league in home runs) to focus much time on his walk-up music.  To each his own, I guess.

David Freese

I’ve said it before—this might be my choice if I closed games for a team significant enough to have a sound system.  Tool is incredible.

If the most clutch single game performance you’ll ever see isn’t impressive enough, Mr. Freese has won me over with these picks.  Tool.  Nelly.  Checkmate.

Allen Craig

Bay Area guys’ commitment to local hip-hop is quite romantic.  UC Berkeley grad Craig stays true.

Yadier Molina

Hmm.  I like this darker twist on reggaeton.  Gives it a sinister feel.  Like, “Yes, we are going to shake our booty on the dance floor, but I might eye-gouge you at any moment.”

Matt Carpenter

Matt Carpenter out of Galveston, TX with a SOLID choice here.  I’ve said it in an earlier “Blare,” the right country song can feel so natural and so good in a baseball stadium.  This one without a doubt would put a little jump in your step at Busch Stadium.

Danny Descalso

“R.I.P. Mac Dre, I’mma do it for the Bay.”  Descalso, a Bay Area guy, can’t go wrong with a hometown favorite.

Descalso stick with the best of hip-hop, but I can’t say this is J. Cole’s best option for a walk-up.  Not even on this album.  Rise and Shine is just too good.  Blow Up is built to tear the roof off.  Grown Simba gets me all jacked up, too.  And I know this is Tinie Tempah featuring J. Cole (and I’m officially on a tangent), Like It Or Love It is SICK, too.

Lance Berkman


Matt Adams

Wait… a southern rap song with Rick Ross and T-Pain about… about money?!?!  STOP THE PRESSES!

Adam Wainwright

He says “sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth,” and then he keeps talking.  That’s my only issue with the song.

Jake Westbrook

Big Alabama fans on the Cardinal staff, eh?  This one is better, though.  Still not really much of an entrance.

Kyle Lohse

Well, at least SOMEBODY knows what they’re doing on the Cardinals staff.  Thank you, Kyle, for restoring order to Busch Stadium and choosing a fantastic entrance song.

Jaime Garcia

I guess this is officially the point where I have nothing clever to say about reggaeton.  I’ve done too many of these features and run out of material.

Jason Motte

This is a great pick for a bearded-rocker type closer.  Gets the crowd going and probably adds an MPH or three onto his mid-90s fastball.

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