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What Pros Blare: Walk-Up Music for the 2012 Washington Nationals

Bryce really forced my hand on this one.  When the most buzzed-about player in the game starts walking up to Biebs, I have a responsibility to you, the loyal WPW reader, to report on it and make sarcastic comments.

Note: I was in Tahoe this past weekend for a birthday.  I’m back at it this week and you’ll probably see 4 or 5 posts, including Joey Votto’s batting post tonight.

Steve Lombardozzi

I was ready to shoot this one down, but then I realized it’s better than the original.  Who is this guy?

Bryce Harper

If you’re not on-board the Biebs Train by now, you’ll just be left behind.  And Bryce is Biebs’ baseball equivalent (he knows this).  You can hate the cocky teenager and submit yourself to two decades of public humiliation and torture, or you can simply come along for the ride like everybody else.  The choice is yours.

Ryan Zimmerman

Question: Who has more US Top Ten *Eleven* singles: Drake or B.o.B.?

Trick question.  They both have five (So Good hit #11).  Like Zimmerman, Bobby Ray has a knack for the big hit.

I heard someone say this weekend that they “hated” this song.  It’s not fair to hate a song because it gets played too often—hate the radio station that plays it every 5 minutes.  This song is un-hate-able, though it doesn’t really fit the walk-up music mold.


Michael Morse

Utterly ridiculous.  And impossible not to love.

Adam LaRoche

Jason Aldean is clearly a force to be reckoned with in the ever-competitive MLB walk-up music game.

Ian Desmond

I had never heard of this/these guy(s) until now, but I did thoroughly enjoy this.  This is a sick walk-up.

Desmond 2/2.

There are so many Marleys out there that there should be a genre specifically for the family.  That genre so happens to work well for walk-up music.  Desmond has done a stand-up job here, but the best Marley song for this purpose would be this.

Danny Espinosa

A friend of mine sent this to me a couple months ago saying it was going to be huge—based on the Youtube results I’d say he was right.

Rick Ankiel

A lesson in keeping it simple.  This song will work 100% of the time for the rest of eternity.  Groundbreaking video, too.

Same as Jason Motte’s entrance music. Great flamethrowers think alike.

Wilson Ramos

Not sure what it means that I enjoy Pitbull’s Spanish songs more than his English ones, but this song is fire.

This could be the corniest video I’ve ever seen.  I was in utter disbelief the entire time.  A four-minute visual train-wreck.  I barely even remember the music.

Jesus Flores

File this one under: Belongs in the Club, Not the Ballfield.

Jordan Zimmerman


I didn’t know how I’d feel about it and still don’t really know how it would feel hearing it on the mound.  But I do know this: Citizen Cope is as good a solo artist as there is.  So if it works for Zimmerman it works for me.

On a side note: ZIMMERMAN IS 3-6!?!  He’s got a 2.89 in 14 starts and the Nats could only manage 3 wins?  We’re talking about a first place team!!  Wow—that caught me off guard.  Get that man some runs.

Stephen Strasburg

This one falls into the same category as Ram Jam’s Black Betty as a song that will rock for the rest of eternity.  Jack White’s guitar will do that from time to time.

Sean Burnett

You have to assume this is about 80% comedy and 20% real.  I can’t say I don’t get a slight urge to headbang on the chorus, but this song just immediately reminds me of Will Ferrell working on his retro Camaro in the funniest movie of all-time, Old School.  Maybe it’s just me.

Gio Gonzalez

I try to like this guy, I really do.  He’s got a good sound, but am I wrong that his voice is prepubescent?  His voice is so high-pitched and he always sounds like he’s yelling.  Forgive me.  I’m sure it sounds great loud.  Mac kills this though.  Makes me wish this was his song in the first place.

My opinion is unchanged.

Tyler Clippard

So there’s Meek Mill on one end of the vocal-talent spectrum—and then there’s Lauryn Hill on the other.  She makes it look easy.  Clippard with a respectable throwback pick.

Overall a VERY solid job by the Nats aside from just a couple questionable calls—not surprising from a young team on the rise.  Thanks for looking and follow us @whatproswear.

Joey Votto will be up tonight so check back in an hour or so.


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  2. tedashii is a christian rapper thats prob why u never heard of him

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