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What Pros Blare: Walk-Up Music for the 2013 Oakland Athletics

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Today we’ll take a look at the playlist at the Oakland Coliseum, where the first place A’s are proving to us for the second year in a row that we know nothing about sports.

Coco Crisp

Coco started a movement that transcended sports—he reinvented the bobblehead for cryin’ out loud.  He can walk up to whatever he wants.

Seth Smith

Both really nice songs.  Both bad walk-ups.

Jed Lowrie

No glitz, no glam, just a classic walk-up.  The double ear flap just gets it done, end of story.

Yoenis Cespedes

Cespedes endearing himself to the Bay Area with the Clyde Carson choice like so many before him.

Brandon Moss

Aldean is probably the most popular choice in the Bigs and this is the most popular Aldean song.  Problem for me is it reminds me of this guy.

Simon: “You know I have a horrible feeling that song could be a hit.”

Josh Donaldson

Josh Donaldson is the toast of Oakland right now, carrying an offense that is in first place when they were supposed to be in last (sound familiar?).  Wobble is cut from the same cloth as Bernie.  Its infectious.  If you manage to stand still for that song you win the award for “Least Likely to Be Invited to a Party.”

Then Donaldson mixes in Regulators, which belongs in the Mount Rushmore of Walk-Up Songs.  Oh and he’s an All Star.  And did this.

Josh Reddick

Hate to say I told you so, but since Reddick started spending more time on his beard than his swing, he’s been a mess at the plate.  Full disclosure, I think the whole teen-angst/wrestling obsession thing is a bad look in general.  Shave the bush, bump some E-40 and find the groove, Josh.

Derek Norris

Norris is what a catcher is supposed to be.  Down and dirty.

John Jaso

Just added this to my Grooveshark playlist “The Golden Age,” a collection of the finest music ever made.

Eric Sogard

Sogard is straight out of Major League 2 so this is just fine.

AJ Griffin

Never heard of this.  This is more for the kids, but I don’t hate it.

Dan Straily


Brett Anderson


Jarrod Parker

Didn’t think they were still making music like this honestly.  Figured it died with the last Good Charlotte CD.

Sean Doolittle

Metallica wrote the book on Walk-Up music, really.

Ryan Cook

These guys have a couple good ones though I don’t know them well.  This is a good one.

Jerry Blevins

This song bleeds American.

Grant Balfour

We did this one as part of our Closer walk-up feature.  I don’t really agree with it, honestly.  It doesn’t really pop like a closer song should.

Overall, this is a generally positive showing from the A’s, who are one of the most likable teams in baseball.  The real travesty is I couldn’t find Bartolo’s music anywhere.  Anybody know?  I feel like this list is incomplete without knowing what song that big oaf rumbles in with.


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  2. Love it! Thanks for compiling the list.

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