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What Pros Blare: Walk-Up Music for the 2013 Pirates via @rtjr

Source: From Forbes to Federal

Source: From Forbes to Federal

For a team in first place, the Pirates are deserving of a lot more attention than they’ve  been getting, and that goes for WPW, too.  They have a bunch of likable young players, which is really the perfect team to feature in a “Blare” post.  Check them out, and thanks to the Pirates blog, Raise the Jolly Roger, for collecting this info for us to enjoy.

Pedro Alvarez

Two NY monuments here for the Manhattan-raised Alvarez.  I think the Jay-Z track is way better suited for a walk-up, but Juicy is a can’t-miss hit.

AJ Burnett

Kinda creepy.  Far from shocked, though.

Gerrit Cole

Why the knock-off when you can have the real thing?

Jason Grilli

Grilli is probably the only guy on the team old enough to appreciate this song.  I’m a Pearl Jam fan and this is a decent song but I just think there’s better options (and maybe this one, and Animal, above all, but I’ve mentioned that before).  Also check out his grilled-cheese-themed entrance video:

Josh Harrison

What is this his brother?

Jeff Locke

I sweat Macklemore.  Coulda picked any song off that album and I’d say I loved it.

Jose Tabata

Out of all the great latin music out there, these guys manage to pick the worst ones.  Is this rap?  Is the “singer” sick?

Mark Melancon

Entrance music at its finest.  10 out of 10.  GET FIRED UP!

Brandon Inge

Garrett Jones

If you can’t enjoy yourself to this song then you’re dead inside.

Aside from a few songs, I’m just not a Metallica guy.  Everybody always tells me how good they are and I almost feel weird saying they suck so I just go along with it.

Jeff Karstens

Yeah I know he hasn’t thrown a pitch this year, but this song is tight.

Starling Marte

This is like Chinese water torture.

Russell Martin

A lot of weird stuff on that album but this is a great choice.  Got the head-nod factor for sure.

Andrew McCutchen

Every time I hear one of these Christian rap songs I like them.  Always good beats and flow.  This one is on and off, the breakdowns are sick, but its a little noisy otherwise.

Cutch likes his walk ups loud, evidenced by his past choices.  This is one of Lil Jon’s hardest, and its a guaranteed stadium banger.  You might say its old but you can’t say its flat.

Neil Walker

I had no idea what people liked about this dude until I finally gave his album a few listens.  In recent memory, I can’t think of an album with better beats than ASAP Rocky’s, and this is one of my favorites.  Great feature with Skrillex.

Neil Walker is a genre-destroying mastermind.  2 for 2.

Wandy Rodriguez

Wandy should be back in the rotation soon with this corny-ass song.

(Notably missing: Francisco Liriano)

I feel like its a middle-of-the-pack collection of walk-ups.  Nothing really stood out for me one way or the other, and aside from the usual reggaeton dumpster fires, it was a fine listening sesh.  My personal favorite is Neil Walker’s choices, a classic in Seven Nation Army paired with ASAP Rocky, a riskier choice, won me over.

Grade – B-

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