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What Pros Wear: Adam Jones (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats)

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I had to yank Jones’ Swingman exclusives right off his hands and feet to show them to you guys.

With a 35-homer, 100-run, 90-RBI 2012 season all but assured, its safe to say Adam Jones has finally lived up to the hype he created as an All-Star at 23 years old.  Let me not forget to mention that he has been one of the most requested ballers since I started the site in February, and rightly so.

Look at those cleats!  Griffey has himself quite the roster on his Swingman label, including Ryan Braun and Andrew McCutchen along with Jones.  “Jonesy” got new kicks for the second half of the season, and he tweeted a photo of them which you can see below.

Adam Jones’ Swingman exclusives. @simplyaj10

UPDATE 1/19/2013:  As you would expect, Jones’ wild-looking colorways are not available online, though the Air Swingman MVP 3/4 is available in a few different colors.  The Swingman Remix 2 cleats (which Jones wore earlier in the season) are also available in several colors.  Though the Swingman MVPs are his second half metals, he’s also got new turfs (below).

Camo turfs.

You guessed it—unavailable.

Here are a few more Adam Jones’ has worn this season (or were banned by the MLB):

Jackie Robinson Day

Jason Heyward also wore these in honor of the great 42.

All-Star Game

Far and away my favorites. Nike needs to make these, now.

Notice that these are molded.  Jones seems to switch between molded and metal, oddly enough.

Swingman Remix 2.  Too hot to trot. Literally. (Banned by MLB)
Also banned. WTF MLB?

The orange MARPAT are ugly, so the ban is warranted in my book, but I don’t really get why these white ones got banned.

As for his bat, Jones is endorsing a newborn company called Victus Sports, which, judging by its already growing popularity in the MLB, looks like good wood.  UPDATE 1/19/2013: As you can see from the feature, Jones swings his signature model, the AJ10 in ash, and they claim to use maple along with birch.  A local article gives you a good idea the kind of “grassroots” beginnings this company has built itself up from.  Though they don’t have a website or much marketing, the CEO of the company is on Twitter @VictusSports and seemingly very available for custom bat inquiries.  What I also found, which to me is even cooler, is that they’re selling bats for a really good price through eBay, and it looks like that’s also straight from the CEO.  

Here’s Victus’ gifts to Adam Jones for the 2012 All-Star Game:


Adam Jones’ batting gloves are also Swingman.  I know the feature photo isn’t very good, but here’s a much better image from Jones’ Twitter:

Adam Jones’ player exclusive batting gloves.

Jones is not afraid of flair, that’s for sure—though the checkered straps are really what makes these so tight.  Jones, however, is all exclusive, though you can find Swingman batting gloves in different schemes online.

You can also tell from Jones’ Photoshop-amputated hand that he uses a Pro Hitter on his thumb as well.

…I just never know what these people are thinking with the music they choose.

Here are the links:

Nike Swingman Cleats (Just a broad search for Swingman cleats)

Victus AJ10 Bat

Nike Swingman Batting Gloves (Dick’s calls theirs the 2011 version, which Jones’ are loosely based off of, though there are other versions that have Jones’ checkered strap)



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  1. Jones also swings Louisville Slugger

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