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What Pros Wear: Adam Jones (Glove, Sunglasses, Wristband)

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Adam Jones wears a Rawlings Pro Preferred glove with a Trapeze web similar to the glove above. Photo of Jones: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images North America


Thanks to our friends at Glove-Works, I was able to get a little info on 2009 Gold Glove winner Adam Jones’ leather.  The glove you see in the feature is almost exactly like Jones’ game glove—it is a Rawlings Pro Preferred 601 (Trapeze) model with a mesh back and Fastback finger slot.  The difference, though, is that Jones lacing is not orange like in the photo above, only the welting.  Aside from that, that’s what you’ll see him wearing as he gallops after high drives to center (unless he loses it for good next time—see below for what I mean).

In this one you can see a decent look at his game glove:


See the black lacing and orange welting.

The closest you can get to Jones’ Pro Preferred online is the PROS601KB on Ballgloves.com.

Adam Jones has been wearing Kaenon Hard Kore sunglasses lately, though we did see him in Nike’s at the All-Star Game.  He has worn both the Titanium version as well as the white, both with G12 (black) lenses.  These are both available online.

Though many of you have expressed interest, players’ Nike wristbands are almost always exclusive.  Jones is no different.  Nike, though they’d sell like hell, doesn’t make these customized, numbered wristbands for the public (yet).  But if and when they do, you will be the first to know!

Although this is a year old by now, this catch is still so replayable.  Jones makes it look like it’s a walk in the park, but anybody who has run full speed completely opposite the infield knows how difficult it is to track the ball—add that to the fact that he had to run head-on into the wall, all while jumping and making a full over-the-head (not shoulder) catch, and you have yourself one of the best you’ll ever see.  Griffey-esque.

Here are the links:

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS601KB (general search in case somebody else gets it back in stock other than Ballgloves.com)

Kaenon Hard Kore Sunglasses (Jones has worn both the Titanium frame/G12 lens and the White frame/G12 lens)



  1. the only thing i like about adam jones is the glove
    plus can you answer why jones normally wears the kaenon and then during the all star game he had nike show x2s?

  2. yo, aj has been wearing some kind of sunglasses that have red-orange lenses, can you tell me what kind they are?

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