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What Pros Wear: All-Star Exclusives (Aroldis Chapman, Asdrubal Cabrera, Mike Napoli, Billy Butler)

Ian Kinsler with the original Diamond Elite Pro batting gloves.

These are available and you should know that by now.

Aroldis Chapman throwing lethal gas and wearing Nike leather.

I have had so much trouble with Nike gloves, I’m sending this out to the many genius WPW readers to help me out.  What is this and where can we get it?

If you blinked, you missed Asdrubal, because Craig Kimbrel was throwing BB’s.

Did you guys see that 2-strike curve from Kimbrel?  I felt legitimately bad for Cabrera.  For what it’s worth, he was wearing Franklin Pro Classic batting gloves, which are not available online.

Cabrera was also wearing these:

Cabrera’s 4040s donning his home country, Venezuela’s crest.

Here’s the available 4040 cleats if you haven’t already checked them out.

Napoli’s patriotic lumber.

Napoli swung an exclusive version of his Chandler CB13L bat.  Chandler does not have much of a presence online,  and where we could find their bats at ValleBaseball.com, they are now sold out and nowhere else to be found.  Anybody have a source?

The hometown hero, Billy Butler, wearing some colorful armor.

Butler was wearing an elbow guard and leg guard from Evoshield in Royal blue, but we couldn’t find that color online.  However, the guards are available in black.

Too bad it was such a snoozer of a game, but I had a lot of fun checking out all the gear.  @whatproswear.  Gonna get Trumbo out there tomorrow.


  1. chandler bats are the same as rx sport and rx sport has a site

  2. Chapman’s Nike glove is a custom Diamond Elite Pro. They make a 11.5″ DE pro with the modded trap he uses in bone/black color combo. Not sure if Chapman’s is a 11.5″ though. It very well could be a bigger size. Strasburg uses a custom DE pro as well. Sweet gloves and I wish Nike would make them in different leather colors than the bone/black.

  3. Not that it’s a huge deal, but Napoli had a royal blue EvoShield leg guard as well. McCutchen had a nice inverse from his usual leg guard, with yellow guard and black straps, as well. They were all custom and EvoShield tweeted that they don’t plan on offering more colors for general purchase any time soon.

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