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What Pros Wear: Brett Lawrie (Glove, Sunglasses)

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Just take a look at that glove on Lawrie’s hand.  The dirt and spit and oil and love that went into that piece of leather—that’s what this website is all about.  Lawrie attends to that Mizuno MZP62 like a spider to her web.  Catching baseballs is how he eats, so that glove has got to be just right.

For contrast, look at his glove in April:

Source: Kyle Rivas/Getty Images North America

Source: Kyle Rivas/Getty Images North America

And then October:

Source:  Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images North America

Source: Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images North America

Those look like two different species.  The Mizuno MZP 62, a rare and exclusive H-Web, is not available online unless its through a forum like Glove-Works.  And that’s only if someone happens to have it.  The glove in the feature is not Lawrie’s, and has the old Mizuno graphics.

Lawrie also wears a Diamond Elite Pro II batting glove under his Mizuno for a snug fit.  That glove IS available online.

As for sunglasses, Lawrie rarely wears them, and when he does they’re mostly on his hat.  Lawrie wears the Oakley Fast Jacket in custom colors (you can see them two photos above).  They have white frames and earsocks with Ice Iridium lenses.  The Fast Jacket is available in other colors, and you can make your own online, but for some reason those tabs under the frame can’t be customized from black, which are silver on Lawrie’s glasses.

Oh and we got lucky with a Youtube video of all defensive highlights.  This guy is the total package…

 Here are the links:

The closest thing to a Mizuno MZP 62, the Mizuno Pro Limited Series, are crazy expensive.  But they look amazing.

Diamond Elite Pro II Batting Gloves

Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses

Oakley Fast Jacket Custom Builder

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