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What Pros Wear: Carlos Beltran (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats, Guards)

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Carlos Beltran is leading the NL in RBI while swinging a Marucci low-density maple bat.

The 35 year old Carlos Beltran was taken out with the trash by the Mets (though the Mets got a nice prospect) and let walk by the Giants.  All he’s done since is lead the league in RBI (65 on 7.16.12).  The revitalized Beltran has quietly amassed quite a collection of hardware over the years, including seven All-Star selections, two Silver Sluggers (’06, ’07), and a Rookie of the Year (’99).  Beltran is also a new member of the very exclusive 300-300 Club, joining Barry and Bobby Bonds, Willie Mays, Alex Rodriguez, Andre Dawson, Reggie Sanders and Steve Finley as the only members of the club.

It is that unique combination of power, speed and grace that make Beltran such a joy to watch.

Beltran is on board the Marucci bandwagon, swinging his exclusive model, the CB15.  This IS available online contrary to what I wrote in my Home Run Derby post (I was in a rush—my bad).

Beltran’s Marucci from June ’12. “Los15”

We couldn’t figure out the measurements, but it is a LDM or low-density maple, and the Los15 designation is probably just for Carlos.

In years past, Beltran has also swung an M9 C243, like the one below.

Beltran’s M9 C243 from his short stint with the Giants.

Carlos’ current bat is available online, but last year’s C243 is not available.

Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America.

Beltran’s batting gloves are the Nike Diamond Elite Pro style.  He wears the blue you see above for away games and red for home games.  They are both available online.

Beltran also wears the Pro Hitter on his thumb, a piece of equipment that is known to generate bat speed by helping you grip the handle with your fingers and not bury it in your palm.  This is available online, and Beltran has been seen wearing blue and white.

Beltran’s leg guard that he wears on his front foot on both sides of the plate is an All-Star LGB2.  This is available online, though not with his special customizations like the red lining on the toe and the “3” on the heel.

As you can see in the above photo, Beltran’s Nike Diamond Elite Fly cleats are not like those in the feature.  That’s because his are exclusives, and he has worn a few different versions this year.  His latest are the away versions you see above, and the following pair he has been wearing at home:

Source: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images North America

Beltran’s versions are fresh as hell, but unfortunately they are not available, though there are several versions of the Diamond Elite Fly available online.

Here are the links:

Marucci CB15 Bat

Nike Diamond Elite Pro Batting Gloves (Beltran’s homes are the red/white and his aways are the blue/white)

All-Star LGB2 Leg Guard

Pro Hitter (Just a general search)

Nike Diamond Elite Fly Cleats



  1. Carlos Beltran’s cleats can be made on NIKEID, theyre not PEs

    1. Zack–where do you get that info from? Do you just look at the cleat and can tell?

  2. Will you update it now that he is with the Yankees?

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