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What Pros Wear: Carlos Beltran (Glove, Sunglasses, Necklace)

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Carlos Beltran wears an A2K 1799 that would look great if he was still playing for the Giants.  Source: Bob Levey/Getty Images North America

Carlos Beltran hasn’t made a ton of highlight reel plays this year, but you’ve got to expect a slightly less aggressive style considering the knee brace he is forced to wear after microfracture surgery in 2010.  As much as that may slightly slow him down, the reason Beltran is left off highlight reels is because he makes plays look a lot easier than other guys might have to.  Whereas a guy like Curtis Granderson might start in on a ball and have to use dazzling speed and an athletic leap to catch up to it, Beltran’s ability to judge a ball right off the bat and flawless footwork make outstanding plays look almost ordinary.  As spectacular as those plays might be for the ever-nauseating Sportscenter, you can’t knock Beltran’s cool.  Or his three Gold Gloves (’06-’08).  Or his two Fielding Bible Awards (‘o6, ’08).

If anyone questions whether Beltran’s heart was (left) in San Francisco, look no futher than the leather he holds so close to it.  Seriously though, it is pretty funny to see him wearing a blatantly Giants-colored glove in St. Louis.  It’s a nice little reminder to the Giants what they’re missing, namely one of the best right fielders in baseball on both sides of the ball.

The glove is a Wilson A2K 1799 in a custom color scheme exactly like the one you see above.  The only difference between the one Beltran wears and the one you can make on the Wilson Custom Glove Builder is that Beltran’s is an A2K and yours will be an A2000.  The difference according to Wilson is that the A2K is a finer cut of leather, and that the A2K receives more hand-shaping at the factory.  Regardless, here are the specs

SERIES – A2000
Model – 1799


  • Palm – Black
  • Web – Black
  • Back Fingers – Orange
  • Thumb Strip – Black
  • Wrist – Black
  • Super Skin – No


  • Lacing – Orange
  • Welting – Orange
  • Binding – Black


  • Wilson Back – Black
  • Wilson Front – Orange
  • A2000 – Orange
  • Web Stitching – Black
  • Shell Stitching – Black


  • Name – BELTRAN
  • Font Color – Black
  • Font Style – block
  • MLB Logo Colors – Royal Blue/White/Red
  • Throwing Hand – Right
  • Stiffness – Pro Stiff
  • Long Laces – No
  • Pro Sleeve™ – No

You can also see the glove specs with photos on our Twitter.  What’s even funnier is that Beltran didn’t even use this glove in San Francisco…

Source: Andy Lyons/Getty Images

You can also get the A2K 1799, just not in Beltran’s colors, and not customizable on Wilson’s site unfortunately.

Beltran’s sunglasses are the Kaenon Hard Kore style, with JM10 frames (matte black/white) and G12 lenses (black).  These are available online in his colors at Kaenon.com and in many more colors online.

Beltran also wears a Phiten Tornado necklace in red/white that you can also find online.

Here are the links:

Wilson A2K 1799 Glove (Google Shopping search of all A2K 1799 gloves)

Wilson Custom Glove Builder (Click “BASEBALL” under “CREATE A CUSTOM GLOVE”)

Kaenon Hard Kore Sunglasses (JM10-G12, Beltran’s specs)

Kaenon Hard Kore Sunglasses (General)

Phiten Tornado Necklace (Beltran’s Cardinal colors are part of the MLB collection)


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  1. Beltran’s glove this year is a 2013 model. I agree, would look great on the Giants or Orioles. The black/grey 1799 from last year would look better with the Cards uni’s.

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