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What Pros Wear: Chipper Jones (Glove, Sunglasses)

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This is Chipper circa 1996. Still rocking Mizuno 16 years later.

Chipper Jones, though not as famous for his fielding as for his hitting, has still been a solid third basemen (and for a short time, left fielder) for 19 seasons.  He’s been a top five third basemen (by Fielding %) in the National League six times, though the Gold Glove is just about the only trophy he doesn’t have on his mantle.  Freaks like Scott Rolen and David Wright have been hogging them all lately.

Apologies for the corny narrator, but you do get a good look at Chipper’s glove.

Chipper wears a glove almost identical to the Mizuno Classic Pro GCC53S.  The glove in the feature is Chipper’s game glove, which as you can see has his own logo emblazoned on the palm.  You can’t get this one online, but the GCC53S can be customized to get Chipper’s look, though he has different multi-colored lacing.

Source: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images North America

Chipper wears Oakley Radar Path sunglasses just like you see in the feature.  They can be customized to get that look using the following specs:

  • Frame: Pearl White (Straight Stem)
  • Lens: Fire Iridium Pitch
  • Icon: Matte Black
  • Earsock: White

In my research I also stumbled upon Chipper’s casual style of sunglasses, the Under Armour Power, seen below.

Available online.

The Under Armour Power sunglasses ARE available online if you’re going for Chipper’s off-the-field look.

This video doesn’t really have much to do with his gear, but Chipper’s last words in this video gave me goosebumps.

Here are the links:

Mizuno GCC53S Custom Glove (as close as you can get to Chipper’s exclusive)

Oakley Radar Path (general Google Shopping search)

Oakley Radar Custom Builder (see the specs above for Chipper’s customs)

Under Armour Power Sunglasses (Chipper seen wearing these off the field)

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