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What Pros Wear: David Price (Glove, Cleats, Sunglasses)

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David Price wears a custom Nike glove and Nike Air Huarache 2KFresh cleats.

Winning the Cy Young and not having a profile on What Pros Wear is inexcusable, so here goes.

For the 2012 season, Price wore a Nike glove (below and in feature) exactly like the model he wore a few years ago, except in 2012 Price’s was all black.  Price’s glove has exclusive features, but it is very similar to the Nike Diamond Elite Pro II, available online.

Price’s 2009 glove model.

It has similar features to a Nike N1 Elite BF1441, but as we all know, the gloves Nike makes for pros are completely custom.  The main difference is the web, which for Price is a unique two-piece (see above) closed web.

As the 2007’s first overall draft pick, Price, when asked what he would do with his first pro contract in 2007, responded, “I’ll probably buy a pair of shoes.”  So you know footwear is an important part of the lanky lefty’s repertoire.  For the second half of the 2012 season, Price rocked the Nike Air Huarache 2KFresh cleats that you see below.

David Price’s Nike Air Huarache 2KFresh cleats.

Price’s colors are exclusives, but the 2KFresh style is available at many online retailers.

He doesn’t wear them on the mound, but David Price has been seen wearing Oakley Radar Path sunglasses on off-days.  You can build them on Oakley’s custom builder—here are the specs:

  • Frame: Pearl White (Straight Stem)
  • Lens: Ice Iridium Path
  • Icon: Polished Black
  • Earsock: Black
In case you missed it, here’s a refresher on David Price’s 20-win, 2.56 era 2012 campaign:

Here are the links:

Nike Diamond Elite Pro II Glove (closest alternative to Price’s exclusive Nike gl0ve)

Nike Air Huarache 2KFresh Cleats

Oakley Radar Custom Builder

Oakley Radar Path (other styles available)


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  1. he swings a MINE Taormina 34/31 🙂

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