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What Pros Wear: Elvis Andrus (Glove, Sunglasses, Sleeve)

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Elvis Andrus, another popular request, is just dripping swagger.  Smooth, flashy, stylish, the very pillars this website was built on.  He belongs here, and here he will stay.


Wilson A2000 1786-SS built with the Wilson Custom Glove Builder

Source: Rick Yeatts/Getty Images North America

Note: though he’s wearing it here, Andrus hasn’t been wearing the PB wristband lately.  Source: Rick Yeatts/Getty Images North America

Source: Bob Levey/Getty Images North America

Source: Bob Levey/Getty Images North America

Andrus has one of the prettier gloves in baseball, and you can see it in the feature above and in the photos above.  The A2000 1786-SS is available online, however, to get his colors you need to build a custom version yourself.  You can get a glove just about identical to Andrus’—the only difference is the binding on Andrus’ is blonde and the builder does not allow for that color.

These are the specs:

  • Leather Colors
  • Palm: blonde
  • Web: red
  • Fingers: SuperSkin
  • Thumb: SuperSkin
  • Wrist: blonde
  • Super Skin: yes
  • Trim Colors
  • Lacing: red
  • Welting: black
  • Binding: black
  • Stitching Colors
  • Logo Patch: black
  • Wilson Logo: wilsonYellow
  • A2000 Logo: wilsonYellow
  • Web Stitching: red
  • Shell Stitching: blonde

He also wears the Diamond Elite Pro II batting glove in royal/white underneath his glove.  This is available.


Nike Show x2 in Black

Photo by Mike Stone / Rueters

Photo by Mike Stone / Rueters

Andrus’ black Show x2s are available, as well as a host of other colorways.  Note: lately we haven’t seen him wearing the red version he’s wearing in the feature, though that version is also available.


Brecon No-Wrap Sleeve in Blue

Oddly enough, you can see Andrus wearing the Brecon No-Wrap sleeve on his non-throwing arm two photos above.  Why?  We have no idea.  We’ve also seen him wearing them on both arms, just on his throwing arm, and not at all (multiple photos above).  Who knows.  Regardless, its available and you can wear it on whatever arm you choose.

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