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What Pros Wear: Home Run Derby Exclusives (Beltran, Bautista, Adam Jones Cameo)

Adam Jones mooching off the ESPN guys’ ribs.

See his powder blue/royal blue Nike Show X2 sunglasses.  Sick.

“Team Redneck” on his wrist.

Bautista’s Reebok Cleats

Jose Bautista wearing the Reebok Pro Cooperstown Zig cleats.

Bautista’s Marucci gear (bat and batting gloves).

Jose Bautista’s Marucci batting gloves in blue and his Marucci JB19.

Carlos Beltran earned himself a WPW profile tonight. Guy is so smooth.

Those are DEFINITELY Nike Diamond Elite Pro batting gloves.

Beltran in gold.

Though you can’t tell, Carlos Beltran swung a Marucci in the Derby.  Beltran’s specific model is not available online.

Trumbo’s Trinity bat.

Here’s a good look at Trumbo’s Trinity bat.  His model is a PS 27:1 Birch.



  1. I think this is Carlos Beltran’s game model Marucci bat
    …the CB15

  2. I think this is Carlos Beltran’s game model bat
    …the CB15

  3. Actually Beltran swings a marucci cb15. His older number

    1. you’re absolutely right. just posted beltran with that info. thanks for pointing that out to me I don’t know what I was thinking.

  4. […] swinging his exclusive model, the CB15.  This IS available online contrary to what I wrote in my Home Run Derby post (I was in a rush—my bad). Beltran’s Marucci from June ’12. […]

  5. […] Jones has been wearing Kaenon Hard Kore sunglasses lately, though we did see him in Nike’s at the All-Star Game.  He has worn both the Titanium version as well as the white, both with G12 (black) lenses. […]

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