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What Pros Wear: Jason Heyward (Glove, Sunglasses)

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Jason Heyward wears a Rawling Pro Preferred H Web similar to the one you see above.

Jason Heyward plays a little right field when he isn’t busy mashing at the plate.  And he plays a pretty smooth right field at that.

And he can sling it a little bit, too.

Jason Heyward uses a black Rawlings Pro Preferred glove with a Pro-H web.  His glove has red lacing and writing with a standard back (not Fastback).  The glove in the feature is his 2011 glove, which also includes a Pro Mesh back.  I took it off his hand in the video below.

He no longer uses Pro Mesh in 2012.  Here’s a good look:

Source: Mike Stobe/Getty Images North America

You can get pretty close to Heyward’s glove online with the PROS303 model, but you can’t get his lettering or lacing.  The Rawlings version of a custom glove builder still pretty much sucks.

Heyward wears Nike Show X2 sunglasses in a colorway you can find online.  They are exactly like those you see in the feature photo, though they may have different (darker) lenses.  Here’s another shot:

Here are the links:

Rawlings PROS303 Glove

Nike Show X2 Sunglasses (Heyward’s frames are the “Stealth 069” color with the red Nike Swoosh)


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