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What Pros Wear: Jean Segura (Glove, Sunglasses)

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Once Jean Segura’s finishes up this remarkable breakout season, we’ll inevitably start to hear from the doubters.  “Sophomore slump.”  “The league will figure him out.”  Its funny—when I hear those bitter old cliches, isn’t it always some has-been (or never-was) sitting behind a desk?

Athletes like Segura don’t have sophomore slumps.  They get better.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look at Segura’s swing and tell me where the holes are.  Tell me how many 23 year old shortstops you’ve seen with a HR chart that looks like this:

Source: Hit Tracker

Source: Hit Tracker

This dude SPRAYS, and if you manage to keep him in the ballpark, he’ll run all over you.

And when he’s not raking, he’s covering most of Greater Milwaukee at Shortstop…

Athletes like Segura don’t slump much, and when they do, it doesn’t last long.  Lucky for us, there are a solid handful of these guys just entering the game and we’ll be able to watch first-hand as they bury the doubters alive.


Wilson A2K DW5 in Black/Orange Logos

Based on his choices, Segura likes to keep his gear simple and classic.  The custom A2K DW5 Segura fields with is no different—all black with color only in the logos, and even that is just Wilson’s orange.  The DW5, a 12-inch H-Web designed and named for 3B David Wright, is an interesting choice for a Shortstop.  Most Wilson middle infielders opt for the 1786 I-Web, an 11.5-inch, but Segura must have big hands or a preference for a longer reach (or both).  Regardless, he handles it just fine, and its available at that link (only with yellow logos).  It is also available in Mets-friendly colors here.

Source: Jeff Curry/Getty Images North America

Source: Jeff Curry/Getty Images North America


Under Armour Thief Flip-Ups with Black Lenses

Segura again opts for the classic approach with respect to eyewear, this time not only with subtlety, but an old-school gear-head favorite: flip-ups.  Under Armour has a nice looking set (see photo above) to oppose the Gargoyle Gamers, and they’re available just like Segura’s (and Brandon Phillips‘).

And here’s a classic flip-up gallery with a description of each…


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