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What Pros Wear: Manny Machado (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats)

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Manny Machado, in his short time in the Bigs, has swung both Marucci and Louisville Slugger.

We all know by now how difficult Under Armour can be when it comes to pinpointing what their pros are wearing.  No exception here, Machado’s cleats and batting gloves are both exclusives.  On his feet, Machado has worn mostly the Under Armour Natural III exclusives you see him wearing in the feature, however, he has also worn a pair of the Yard 5/8 ST similar to the lone cleat in the feature.

He has worn these as recently as Aug. 19.

Source: Greg Fiume/Getty Images North America

The Natural III cleats are sparsely available online, but not in Machado’s colorways, and the Yard 5/8 ST are just about extinct by now.

Machado’s gloves were even harder to track down—they are the same style as Jose Reyes’, and as we mentioned in that post, they’re nowhere to be found online.

Source: MLive

I wish I had better news for you, but these aren’t available online.  Let me know if anyone can pinpoint if these were at some point a consumer model or if they just haven’t been released to the public (yet).

As you can see in the feature photo, Machado has been swinging a Louisville Slugger recently.  Our research tells us that he is currently swinging a C243, which is available online.  He’s also swung Marucci this year, and seems to have a custom “M3M” maple model made just for him.

Custom M3M made for Machado

There is no information online about the M3M aside from these photographs, but Machado swung an Albert Pujols model AP5 maple (see the feature photo), which as you know is available online.  Last we saw Machado swing the Marucci was on August 9th.

Notice the measurements, 34 inch/32 oz.

Here are the links:

Under Armour Natural III Cleats

Under Armour Yard 5/8 ST Cleats (barely anything out there—all on eBay)

Under Armour Batting Gloves (just a general overall search since Machado’s UA’s are completely exclusive)

Louisville Slugger C243

Marucci AP5 (since Machado’s M3M isn’t available)



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  2. I have seen Manny swinging a chandler on occasion. Do you happen to know which model?

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