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What Pros Wear: Melky Cabrera (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats)

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Melky Cabrera, leading the Majors in hits, has been mixing in an SSK and a Chandler bat recently.

Not a bad deal for the Giants, huh?  Melky, the ML leader in hits and NL leader in runs scored, for Jonathan Sanchez, who was recently shown the door by the KC Royals and has continued his abysmal work in Colorado to the tune of a 9.53 ERA.  That’s as lopsided as it gets.

Melky has been mixing in a few different bats this year, and most recently it is a brown SSK similar to the one you see above.  We couldn’t find any info on this bat, though you can create a custom SSK at CustomGloves.com to your liking.

In recent weeks, Melky’s also been using a black Chandler quite often.  Chandler has very little presence on the internet and did not respond to my request for pics or information, so if anyone has any info please let me know and I’ll be sure to add it here.  We can’t find anywhere to buy these, either.  You can cause a ruckus (please do) on @Chandler_Bats and hopefully get some info that way.

Melky’s Chandler stick.  Source: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images North America

Our best indication of Melky’s size/weight comes from a bat he used with the Royals in 2011, the M9 I13, a model we believe he was using as recently as late July.  That I13 from 2011 was a 34/31.5.

Melky’s M9 from 2011.

Melky ready for beeps over the All Star break. Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America

The I13 turning model is available, just not the M9 version.

Melky’s batting gloves, as you can see in the above photo, are an exclusive version of the Franklin Neo Classic 2 (see Miggy, Votto).  His colorway is not available, though there are several versions available.

Melky’s cleats are a custom version of the Nike Air Gamer, and thanks to WPW researcher Carlton, we got them exactly right on the NIKEiD site (down to his number on the heel!).  They are black and orange with a grey heel clip.  See the feature photo as a reference, and you can see Melky with them on below.

Source: Rob Carr/Getty Images North America

Here are the links:

SSK Custom Bats

Louisville Slugger I13 (not available in M9 that we know of)

Franklin Neo Classic 2 Batting Gloves

NIKEiD for Melky’s custom Air Gamer Cleats

Any tips?  Let me know, but be sure to add links or photos.  @whatproswear

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  1. melky uses a wilson 1799

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