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What Pros Wear: Melky Cabrera (Glove, Sunglasses)

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Melky wears the Wilson A2000 1799 glove and most recently, Nike Show-X2 sunglasses.

With all the hitting he’s been doing, its easy to forget that Melky plays a great left field, too.  Most notably, he’s as good a left-handed throwing outfielder as there is in the game.

In fact, with Rick Ankiel gone, I’m having a hard time coming up with a better lefty thrower from the outfield.  You can argue for Josh Hamilton, who is known to have had a mid-90s fastball straight out of high school.  The problem with that argument, though, is that, even with his outstanding velocity, Hamilton has never had more than 9 assists in a season, and sits at 37 for his career in 617 starts.  Melky, though with more starts under his belt (882), has 66 career assists, reaching double digits three times and already sits at 7 this year.

You can argue that less runners test Hamilton, but I highly doubt the difference would justify such a large gap in total assists, since Melky has had a reputation since early in his career as a “plus” arm.  This throw from behind the runner, running towards the line, on a fly, is the type of throw that earns you such a reputation.

If the video below doesn’t work, just blame it on MLB for having really weird video embedding issues.

You can’t buy his arm, but you can buy his glove.  Melky wears a Wilson A2000 1799 in black.  This glove is available online.

Not a ton of good shots out there, but you can see the “A2000” on his glove here. Source: Hunter Martin/Getty Images North America

Melky also wore the black/dark tan version earlier in the season, which is also available online (see below).

Source: Rob Carr/Getty Images North America

Melky was wearing this Superskin version of the A2000 1799 as recently as July before we started seeing him wearing the black, non-Superskin version in August.

Melky’s sunglasses have also recently switched, as he was most recently seen wearing the Nike Show-X2 sunglasses you see in the feature.  Before those, as seen in the photo below, Melky wore the Oakley Radar Path sunglasses you see below.

The Nike Show-X2 is available online, but not in Melky’s exclusive colors (though they did add a bunch more styles since I last checked).  For the Oakley Radar Path style that Melky wore as recently as late July, here are the specs for Oakley’s Custom Builder:

  • Frame: Plasma
  • Lens: Fire Iridium Range
  • Ear Socks: Burnt Orange
  • Icons: Polished Chrome

Here are the links:

Wilson A2000 1799 (in both the black version and black/tan superskin version)

Nike Show-X2 Sunglasses

Oakley Custom Builder

Oakley Radar Path Sunglasses (general search)

Thanks again to Carlton for the research!


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