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What Pros Wear: Nelson Cruz (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats)

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Nelson Cruz swings a maple M9 C271 and made the switch from Nike to New Balance recently.

Nelson Cruz is another one of those dudes with jaw-dropping power who seems like he’s going to send one into space every time up.

He will most likely be most remembered for this performance:

So let’s make sure we get this straight—Cruz’ MLB firsts and records were the following:

  • 1st player in MLB history to hit a walk-off grand slam in ANY playoff series
  • 1st player to hit multiple extra inning home runs in a single playoff series
  • 6 home runs, most in postseason series history
  • 13 RBI, most in postseason series history
  • With 8 total home runs in the 2011 postseason, Cruz tied the record for home runs in the postseason (shared with Beltran, Bonds)

Not a bad month.

Cruz’ boomstick is an M9 C271 (switches between black and unpainted).  As I said with A-Rod, the C271 model is extremely popular and available all over the place.

Nelson Cruz wears TPX CB1 batting gloves like Starlin.  The difference though, is that both versions he wears (black/red, black/blue) are available online!

Black/Blue TPX CB1 batting gloves. MLB.tv.

Black/Red TPX CB1’s.

Cruz has sneaky speed, though you probably won’t see him running much anymore with that nagging hamstring injury he seems to pull up lame with twice a year.  He is another New Balance guy, wearing an exclusive pair of the 1103 model that we have some great pictures of, thanks to New Balance’s website.  They are the “high” style.

Cruz also wears a blue version, depending on the uniform he’s wearing.

Here are the links:

Louisville Slugger M9 C271 (this link takes you to all C271 bats)

TPX CB1 Batting Gloves (Nelson’s are the ones in black/blue and black/red)

New Balance 1103 Cleats (Remember, Cruz’ are custom but the high 1103s are available, just not in his exact look)

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For those of you who have games tomorrow:

Pitchers: the goal is to get to two strikes with your first three pitches.  Batters: Well, I’m pitching tomorrow so I got no love for any of you!

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