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What Pros Wear: Prince Fielder (Glove, Sunglasses)

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Prince wears a custom Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROSC21JB first base mitt.

Not necessarily the most exciting of posts, especially for all of you beating down my door for the swagged-out Cargo’s and Kinsler’s of the world.  I’ll admit, the swaggermetrics don’t lie—those are glaring oversights.  I’ll try to do better.  I’m always open to help.

Prince wears a custom Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROSC21JB first base mitt.  This glove has a single post web which is available everywhere online, and red lettering.  Prince’s exact model is not available online, but there are many out there very similar to it.

As for his eyewear, I really couldn’t crack this case.  He stopped wearing Oakley Radars recently and switched over to a navy blue frame that looks very similar to the Nike Show-x1, but it just isn’t.  I’ll give you a few good looks and tweet or comment if you can figure it out.

Whatta ya think?

Here is the link:

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Single Post First Base Mitts



  1. I have been seeing Ellsbury swinging a Sam Bat lately. Although I can’t find any pics of his bat, I have found plenty on his new batting gloves.

    1. As you can see in the picture he now uses an Evoshield elbow guard.

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