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What Pros Wear: Ryan Zimmerman (Bat, Batting Gloves, Cleats)

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Ryan Zimmerman swings the M9 C353 and wears an exclusive version of the Under Armour Natural III cleats similar to the one you see above.

Talk all you want about Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper, but when you get right down to it, there is no question that Ryan Zimmerman is the anchor of the Washington Nationals franchise.

When big league baseball returned to the capital, Nationals brass was smart to appoint Mr. Zimmerman as their unwavering leader. The quiet third baseman speaks softly and carries a big (Louisville Slugger) stick.  Zimm also wears Under Armour (created in nearby Maryland) cleats and BG’s.

All in all, Ryan Zimmerman is a throwback player who plays the game the right way night in and night out. He can always be trusted to punch the clock and deliver nine innings of blue collar baseball.

—C. Buestad (section925.com)

Zimmerman swings a Louisville Slugger M9 C353, a bat used by Josh Hamilton in the past, which is not available online.

From 2011.

34.5 inch/33.5 ounce

Zimmerman’s batting gloves, as Buestad referenced, are Under Armour.  He wears an exclusive version of the Under Armour Natural style (on the left in the feature) at home, and the Yard VI (on the right in the feature) for away games.

Under Armour Natural batting gloves at home. Source: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images North America

Zimm’s away BG’s, Under Armour Yard VI.

The Natural style look to be available, though sparsely, and there’s no guarantees they’ll be available for long.  I also am puzzled as to how you can personalize the number, which always says 88 in photos.

The Under Armour Yard VI batting gloves are available, just not in Zimm’s grey colorway.

Like Manny Machado, Zimmerman wears an exclusive version of the Under Armour Natural III cleats.  Zimmerman’s are similar to, but not exactly like the cleat in the feature.

Zimmerman also wears a Pro Hitter on his thumb.

Here are the links:

Louisville Slugger M9 Bats (No C353)

Under Armour Natural Batting Gloves (Regular Google search because you might have to do some hunting)

Under Armour Yard VI Batting Gloves

Under Armour Natural III Cleats

Pro Hitter


Much thanks to Carlton for his research and Buestad for the words.


  1. could you do a domonic brown

  2. What color is the bat? Natural, or Unfinished?

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