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What Pros Wear: Travis d’Arnaud (#6, MLB Prospect Countdown, Catcher’s Gear)

Source: overthewhitestone.org

Source: overthewhitestone.org

Travis d’Arnaud arrives in Flushing with high expectations, having been the major piece in an offseason deal that landed Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey in Toronto.  And that’s not d’Arnaud’s first time being traded for a Cy Young winner.  In 2009, d’Arnaud was sent from Philly to the Jays for Roy Halladay (another Cy Young winner, Cliff Lee, went to Seattle in that trade).  Just a quick look at those names and you know that there is star potential here.

The 24 year old d’Arnaud is known to be a great receiver, and he wears all Under Armour gear behind the dish.  He wears the UACP-AP chest protector along with the UALG2-AP leg guards with knee savers (available separately).  These are both available online, but not in the Mets colors like d’Arnaud is sporting in spring.

d’Arnaud wears the old school mask/backwards helmet combo like Joe Mauer.  The brand of mask is Under Armour, the UAFM-ALW, just as you see in the feature.  This is available in d’Arnaud’s royal blue.

Source: NY Daily News

Source: NY Daily News

As for his helmet, d’Arnaud uses the standard issue All Star brand ABS catcher’s helmet, available online in royal blue as you see in the feature and in the above photo.

As for the leather, d’Arnaud wears the 33.5 inch All Star CM3000-SBT just as you see in the feature and below.  This glove is also available online.

Source: CBS Sports

Source: CBS Sports

d’Arnaud is also the proud owner of a Glove Guardian by TOI (below), which we are GIVING AWAY this week, along with a signed bat from Mets All Star catcher John Buck.

darnaud glove guardian


Here are the links:

Under Armour UACP-AP Chest Protector

Under Armour UALG2-AP Leg Guards

Under Armour Knee Supports

Under Armour Face Mask

All Star CM3000-SBT Catchers Mitt

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