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What Pros Wear: Travis d’Arnaud (#6, MLB Prospect Countdown, Hitting Gear)

travis d

Source: NorthJersey.com

Travis d’Arnaud grew up in Southern California, a fan of Mike Piazza and the Dodgers.  Following in the footsteps of Piazza, d’Arnaud projects to be a middle-of-the-lineup monster in Queens for years to come.  NOT following in the footsteps of Piazza, d’Arnaud can reach second base on a throw down.

For lumber, d’Arnaud swings MaxBat, a brand we’ve been seeing more of in the Bigs lately.  MaxBat was kind enough to give us some info on d’Arnaud’s turning models.  According to MaxBat: “He swings 3 different models during the season.  In the picture (below), he’s swinging our Model H2.  His last order a couple of weeks ago was for our Model 356, and prior to Spring Training, he ordered Model B21.  All in maple.”

travis darnaud stare

See below for the 356 (34.5 inches!):


All of these models are available online.

As for his cleats, d’Arnaud wears the Under Armour Yard Low RM in black/royal, a molded cleat that IS available online.  There weren’t a ton of good looks for these, but you can see them in his catcher’s gear feature photo as well as below.

Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

d’Arnaud wears the Under Armour Yard VI batting gloves in white/royal and grey/royal.  The white/royal is available online, but not the grey/royal (below).

Source: MetsBlog

Source: Matt Cerrone/MetsBlog

I would have posted his sunglasses with his catcher’s gear, but I hadn’t seen him wear these until today—d’Arnaud wears a custom version of the Oakley Radar Pitch Straight Stem.  Despite previous posts to the contrary, the Straight Stem is NOW AVAILABLE AGAIN, AND THEY CAN BE CUSTOMIZED.  These are d’Arnaud’s specs:

  • Frame: Team Orange (Straight Stem)
  • Lens: Black Iridium Polarized Pitch
  • Icon: Team Blue
  • Earsock: White

Here are the links:

MaxBat B21 Maple Bat (all d’Arnaud’s MaxBats have been black from what we’ve seen)

MaxBat 356 Maple Bat

MaxBat H2 Maple Bat

Under Armour Yard Low RM Cleats

Under Armour Yard VI Batting Gloves

Oakley Radar Custom Builder (use the above specs for d’Arnaud’s custom look)

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