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What Pros Wear Update: Bryce Harper (Glove, Sunglasses)

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Akadema Apache ABH-1034 (available with Bryce’s red-lacing customization through Akadema) and Pro Precision AMR-34 (grey is available via the Akadema custom builder, but the color looks lighter than Bryce’s)

Marucci H Web (photo-confirmation he used this in a game, see below)

We spoke with Akadema and the AMR-34 model you see in the feature is what Bryce has requested from Akadema.  We were told that Akadema is currently breaking the glove in for Bryce, which is traditionally what they’ve done.  Meanwhile, Bryce has been wearing two different Apache Series model ABH1034s.  One is grey and you can see a nice photo of it in the hitting portion of Harper’s profile.  The more recent Apache has been the black one:

Source: @akademapro

Source: @akademapro

Here’s a very nice “Making of” video of the Akadema Patriot Series USA134H, a glove that Bryce never wore (not that we saw), but still worth a look.

Bryce has a deal with Akadema, but recently we caught him having a glove affair with Marucci (below).

Source: Keith Allison

Source: Keith Allison

Scandalous—and as of now, still unavailable (aside from some kids on Instagram claiming they got one by playing for a Marucci Elite club team).  When they do become available, you’ll hear it here first.


Oakley Radar Pitch Straight Stem (available via Oakley’s custom builder with the specs below)

Frame: Pearl White (Straight Stem)
Lens: Fire Iridium Pitch
Icon: Gunmetal
Earsock: Black

Source: G Fiume/Getty Images

Source: G Fiume/Getty Images

Bryce looks like he’s going with a much more understated approach this year, losing the Phiten necklace and the bad haircut in favor of a classier look.  His sunglasses follow suit, going with some pretty standard Radars that you see above.  However, we did see him in a flashier set in spring, the Under Armour Phenom in white, seen here:

Source: Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Source: Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

We like these better—and they’re available online.

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