What Pros Wear Update: Derek Jeter (Bat, Batting Gloves, Elbow Guard)

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Jeter's batting update adds his bat and guards.

Not sure if anyone noticed, but Derek Jeter is hitting .420 (as of 4.27.12).  He’s finished, right?!

Bat – Louisville Slugger P72 **NEWLY ADDED** (available online)

Batting Gloves – Jordan Team (unchanged, available online)

Though Jeter wears a grey version for away games, which are not available online…

Elbow Guard – Benik E-400 **NEWLY ADDED** (available online)

Did my best photoshop job to get it to navy blue, but it just wouldn’t take.  His color IS available online, as well as many more.

Wrist Guard – Benik W107-B **NEWLY ADDED** (available online)

Follow us @whatproswear, will ya?!  Definitely doing BRYCE this weekend in honor of his debut!!

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