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What Pros Wear Update: Derek Jeter (Glove, Cleats, Sunglasses)

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Our first update of Jeter doesn't change much, you just get more info.

4.25.12 – After about 3 weeks into the season, I figured I should circle back and get some updates going.  Remember, its just a two-man show for now,  so bear with me.  I’m going to update everybody as soon as possible.

The Update

Glove – Rawlings PRODJ2 (unchanged, available)

Cleats – Jordan Jeter Cut Metal (unchanged, available)

For the cleats, you’ll see both the DJ3K versions and the regular (glossy) versions.  Jeter is wearing the glossy Cuts currently.

Sunglasses – Oakley Radar Pitch in black **NEWLY ADDED** (available online)

Glove Worn Under Fielding Glove – Nike Diamond Elite Pro Batting Glove in grey/black **NEWLY ADDED** (available online)

Jeter is probably the easiest update, as he has worn the same glove forever (its named after him, after all) and his current cleats are the 10th installment of his signature cleat.  The only thing changed really is that I’ve gotten a little more specific for you all.

In case you’re interested, Jeter used to wear the Rooly Vatican sunglasses before switching over to Oakley within the last year.

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  1. He wears Jordan batting gloves though

  2. He wears Jordan he is sponsored by them

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