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What Pros Wear: Wil Myers (#4, Prospect Countdown, Bat, Cleats)

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Just like Travis d’Arnaud, you can get a good understanding of Rays’ prospect Wil Myers’ potential just by looking at the players the Rays were willing to trade for him.  James Shields: a workhorse who’s logged 200+ innings for six consecutive seasons and a veteran who steered the Rays’ out of their long-time home in the doldrums of the AL East.  Wade Davis: a highly-touted prospect in his own right with power stuff that will make the Royals a contender in the AL Central.

That caliber of pitching came at a price for the Royals, however, in the form of the 2012 Minor League Player of the Year, Wil Myers.  Myers’ 2012 stat-line is out of a video game, launching 37 bombs, driving in 109 with a cool .314 BA… in 134 games!  

Scouts love to “compare” prospects to former players as a way to set a value for them, but too often I hear the comparisons relate to the player’s physique or face.  Obviously a good build is an indicator of strength, but when’s the last time you got a base hit with your face?  It has nothing to do with it.  Scouts liken him to Dale Murphy (who I admittedly don’t remember much of), but looking at some Myers highlights, I had a different player come to mind…

Doesn’t that long, low, one-handed finish remind you of Albert Pujols?

Its not that much of a stretch to make comparisons like that with MLB scouts drooling all over themselves when they see Myers hit.  One scout said, “like all the great ones, the sound is different from everyone else’s.”

Source: Pouya Dianat/SI

Source: Pouya Dianat/SI

Myers swings MaxBat, and he now swings a model named after him, the maple WM1.  That model is not available online from what we could tell, but we did learn that prior to the WM1, Myers was swinging an R10 (in the feature and in the MaxBat promo below).

Myers R10 has a White Hot finish according to MaxBat:

maxbat twitter response


The R10 is available online and MaxBat bills it as a turning model with “huge punch in a small package.”

Wil Myers is the first WPW-featured player to swing gloveless, instead picking up dirt during ABs to keep a good grip on his bat.  When he gets called up, he will join Coco Crisp, Nate Schierholtz, Matt Carpenter and Francisco Cervelli as the only two five Big Leaguers that do so.  In my opinion, there’s no clearer expression of toughness in baseball than a guy who goes barehanded for 162 games.  We all know what those blisters feel like after 50 cuts in the cage, so you know that there’s no faking that.  Its painful to even think about.

Source: AP

Source: AP

As for kicks, Myers seems very loyal to the Under Armour Yard 5/8 (above) as we’ve seen him wearing them across multiple seasons.  Myers are the colorway you see in the feature, which has been discontinued for a long time, so long that I couldn’t find a single pair in the black/white, even on eBay.  However, you can find the model in alternate colors here and there but you’ll have to hunt.

Myers also wears an Under Armour arm sleeve on his throwing hand in white, which is identical to the “shooter’s sleeve” from Under Armour, available online.  If I had to put money on it, I’d say that there is no difference whatsoever between a shooter’s compression sleeve and a compression sleeve you’d see on a baseball field.  It’s just a marketing gimmick.

Here are the links:

MaxBat R10 Maple Bat

Under Armour Yard 5/8 ST

Under Armour Compression Sleeve


  1. Do you know what finish is on that R10? Thanks!

    1. Asked MaxBat just now. I’ll let you know what they say.

    2. Hey Mark, check the post now. We got your answer. Thanks for looking.

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