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What Pros Wear: Wil Myers (Prospect Countdown #4, Glove, Sunglasses)

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Wil Myers, like Bryce Harper, has been converted from a catcher to an outfielder because he’s such a tremendous hitting prospect.  Myers, also like Harper, chose a slick grey H-Web from a relatively obscure glove manufacturer.  Myers wears a Spalding Pro Select H-Web that we have not seen.  Myers looks like he owns the Spalding Pro Select H-Web model 42-000E (see two photos down), an 11.5 inch infield glove, but there’s no way Myers is using that one in the outfield.  His outfield glove looks like an exclusive.  Here’s a couple more looks:

wil myers glove shot

wil myers black grey glove shot

Myers seems to be very fond of his sunglasses, wearing them in almost all the spring photos we’ve seen.  They are the Oakley Radar Range in all black, available online, and you don’t even need to build a custom version!

wil myers sunglasses shot

Here are the links:

Spalding Pro Select Gloves (Myers not available)

Oakley Radar Range Sunglasses (Myers are all black)


  1. Did you guys skip #5?

    1. Corey, I did but I’ll still do Taillon. I just couldn’t find any good material on him so I had to hold off because I didn’t want to compromise accuracy. Good looks though nice to see someone paying attention.

  2. Are there any h web pro select soak dings

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